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20120719 Protei is at TechShop : Build your dreams!

posted Jul 19, 2012, 10:28 PM by Cesar Harada
Build your dreams !!! YEAH !!!
 TECHSHOP : Build your dreams 

 Protei is at TechShop SF !!!

  Protei @TechShop 

 Gabriella Levine and Cesar Harada in action ! Whatcha !!!! 

First day at TechShop SF 

 We are eating well, simple DIY food - micro-waved cheap veggies + rice, good! 

Techshop healthy diner, veggies+rice in microwave :D 

 We have agreed on Protei_010 general architecture concept :


 We have discussed how we want the website to communicate with Protei roughly : and the real world 

 We're on the good way to develop the website a with a brand new exciting team : functions 

 We've found some cool worm gear cheap and powerful motors.

  Worm Gear + Gear Box + Motor = awesome for 4 USD !!!! 

 We got some big pieces of papers and pens to start drawing the hull - making progress !!! Soon you'll see protos !!! We're taking classes at Techshop to be allowed to use many machines. All good and more soon !