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20120711 Gabriella + Cesar

posted Jul 11, 2012, 7:53 PM by Cesar Harada   [ updated Jul 11, 2012, 7:54 PM ]
Gabriella arrived today in San Francisco to work with Cesar over the summer.
Our main objectives are to :
  1. transform the prototype into a product
  2. Fundraise to sustain the project and finance production
  3. Set up the profit and non profit
  4. Draft the website.
Although the website is really important, it would not be making a good use of Gabriella and Cesar to set them to develop the website, not being programmers. What we really need now is to have a product that over-performs and get ready for production to put our technology in the hand of the community.

We have also worked out the planning and the major deadlines.

We have decided that Cesar will go to Korea to present Protei, and we're looking into executing a very brief sponsorship plan and do a fast round of funding.

We've also drafted out the specs we want for Protei X. The summer is going to be very busy and the many exhibitions of Protei are well under way.