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20120521 Protei General Meeting

posted May 21, 2012, 8:51 AM by Kasia Molga   [ updated May 21, 2012, 8:53 AM ]


  • Etienne
  • Kasia
  • Peter
  • Ru
  • Cesar
  • Alvaro (brief apparition)

1. Tech Awards

Ru had prepared a good document, the first part being well developped, but needing a lot of content on the rest of the document. Cesar has been slow

2. Deaf

Exhibition was great success. Sebastian did a great job hanging, Piem and cesar to the rescue.
T/U Eindhoven students did a great job.
We want to encourage them publishing on first, before they publish on DIY Drones, sailing anarchy or Instructables.
Their deadline in June 5th, so we need to give them the rights to edit now (Etienne)

  1. Photos
  2. Videos (when Available)
  3. Blue Print
  4. 3D file if available
  5. Step by step instructions (instructables)
  6. Specs & Performances (if available)
  7. Part list
  8. Electronic diagram
  9. Eagle file to etch circuit
  10. code repo (Github would do)

> Open hardware standards checked by Gabby :
> Etienne needs to give the rights to create content on to the students.

3. Brasil

Trip Planned by Kasia.
Cigac and University of Rio are under control.
Still working on the Belo Horizonte presentation / workshop and potential corporate sponsors : thos who build dams.

<peter> To pick that up Etienne, when a sample is collected, rather than measured in situ, sample preservation becomes the issue.
<kasia> any technique to get the data transmit in real time to the lab/mobile/computer (we have already talksed about it I know - I guess Gabbi and I  should strategise on that as I am sure that question will pop-out many times :)) </kasia>
<Etienne> sensing water: you can measure temperature, salinity, density, that's the easiest
Etienne: then you can take samples to be analysed in a lab later on. Peter could tell you a lot more than me.
<Peter> mentions about Google Ed Parsons <> in London to talk to (kasia suggested for the task)</Peter>
<etienne> we need to research that I guess. Here are some references: </etienne>

4. Transnatural (Amsterdam)

Transnatural is a new media art (art & Science) type festival in Amsterdam. They want Protei_006 floating in Amsterdam water - which is amazing
And in the mean time Sebastian would have the proototype in berlin to improve
Kasia will keep pushing the ball.

5. TEKS (norway)

For the TEKS exhibition. Since TEKS is happening at the same dates
1. Wave sculpture, built in Oslo at sunshine factory -> tramspanted in TEKS (Trondheim)
2. Water sensor -> Sending real time water quality over network (Kasia + Gabby + + )

6. Gabby and Cesar in SF

time to turn all our cool prototypes into a great product.
July 2nd -> Sept 15th (TEDxWoodsHole !!!)

7. Savannah Ocean

Gabby + Ru are on it.
June 1, 2012
Online application to submit a solution closes

June 10, 2012
Deadline to submit full solutions (if invited after online application is approved)

August 1, 2012
Notification of solution application status

September 19 – 22, 2012
The Solutions Exchange in Savannah, Georgia

8. Blue Monterrey

Pro pass : 1200 USD
Student pass : 500 USD Ru propose to cover some of it.

<Ru> I was envisioning having Protei on display with opportunity for presentations, and the Cousteau's testing the manned Protei in the harbor... ;-)
Ru Mahoney: Maybe in 2014?

9. ITEH Paper due

Etienne’s on it :) We’re all backing him :)