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20120501 General Meeting

posted Apr 30, 2012, 5:27 PM by Cesar Harada   [ updated Apr 30, 2012, 5:34 PM ]


Hunter Daniel
Gabriella Levine
Cesar Harada


Gabriella and Cesar are trying to see how we can get Gabby to Brasil. What is realistic in terms of time, space and... money.
Why is money not in that famous equation? E = MC2 x $ (that what we hope), too often it is E = MC2 - $ (unfortunately).  
So, we can push forward the Brazilian proposal (see pdf) if it does make sense - still need input from Kasia to move forward though.
Many of the events here are still to be confirmed - before they can be made real public. 


Working on layout and workflows. Thanks for feedback guys !

You can work on this file, but I do have now to work on Illustrator since it became too heavy, with too many details to edit online. 
So, still trying to make it simpler, more elegant, simpler to program.... More next week!
GEM Stanford students would also be working on that, especially by bucketing users (Students, professors, Kids, datafreaks, governments, newbies, group owners etc). 

Just as a reminder, the inspirations are : 

We're trying to make something that would as simpler as flickr, rich and nerdy as instructables / github, addictive like facebook (with notifications etc), well integrated with social networks, feeds etc...
Also trying to keep things together in one place, so many projects have their different services on different platforms... If we can really stretch Drupal to be an all-in-one website that would be truly awesome.  
Keeping in mind the simple beauty of recommended by Etienne ...

Ollie Palmer also sent me this very inspirational link of on-line lessons :


I've mentioned in a previous post, but Kanban is a really great method to work together - and Cesar insist we need to implement that. 
We're all in different time-zones, we need to prioritise and distribute work efficiently - and visually. 

Migration of emails to

We need to start migrating our old emails to the brand new emails. 
That is not a priority yet, but as soon as Open-H2O is up, we really have to migrate.