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20120424 General Meeting

posted Apr 24, 2012, 10:14 PM by Cesar Harada   [ updated Apr 24, 2012, 10:15 PM ]


  • Gabriella Levine
  • Peter Keen
  • Kasia Molga
  • Cesar Harada

Cesar reports about Protei in Doha Qatar


Cesar reported that the presentation of Protei at TEDxSummit received a long standing ovation and that a lot of potential opportunities would arise from the great people met there. Many discussions have been started with TEDx organisers, will soon give more updates about the topic. 

Feedback session on layout

The discussion started as "how the website should be improving how asynchronous collaboration work". 

Cesar has been working on developing further a design proposed by Kasia a few weeks back. 

Cesar developed a 1200 px wide grid-based layout, of 5 equal columns (5 x 240px). 

Peter Keen suggested that the layout may contain all the information at a glance, that may be too cluttered and the website would gain in usability if menus were drop-down rather than all the content deployed. 
Peter and Cesar mentioned other successful websites that use a much simpler navigation system such as flickr, instructables, frizzing, etc... So Cesar is back in the works to simplify the design. 

Development of strategy for Protei in Brasil

We found it hard to find the funding to get Gabriella and Kasia to travel to Brasil and let Brasil know about Protei. 
So the idea is instead of trying to get funding from one big corporate sponsor, it is to organise a tour for Protei in several brazilian cities. 
Here is a draft proposal that we are working on. We need feedback and even better if you can edit the document directly. 
We'll send this document to our brazilian friends and try to find a local contact in each of these communities. 
Felipe + Bruno + Cesar TEDx network + Bianca + Alvaro => we should be able to make this happen!

And on the back of the document :