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20120401 Agile project management for Protei. Scrum -> Kanban.

posted Mar 31, 2012, 7:22 PM by Cesar Harada   [ updated Apr 1, 2012, 6:15 PM ]
I just finished reading "Start up weekend" book that was given to me by Lesa Mitchell of the Kaufmann Foundation at TED2012 in Long Beach. 
I must say, it is changing how I work on a daily basis for the best - I hope. 

 This following video was really a revelation from me. Joe Justice and the team Wikispeed

Now you may want to know more about Scrum 

When choosing a development method, one MUST get interested in the "dark side" and problems of the system of scrum. This video is really funny and points at what can happen using Scrum. 

 After I shared my first Scrum video on my Facebook personal page, a friend of mine Adam Somlai-Fischer (from Prezi and Kitchen Budapest) commented that his team uses Kanban カンバン, as an improvement over SCRUM method. 

 Personally I find these methods with exotic names very inspiring. Imagine if we were adopting these methods? We'd be so much more efficient!  

In the book "Startup WeekEnd, launch a startup in 54 hours" I found a few more interesting hints to manage my own time and the team. 
  • How to prioritise work (bottom image)
Start up week end "SCRUM and prioritising "
  • How to maintain tasks simple for the team to undertake as sprints. 
Start up week end "SCRUM" Board

And how this can be improved using Kanban : 
  • And the leaps a startup can undergo through, from the idea to the IPO.
Startup week end "Leaps" 
So, let's see how we can implement product management, development tracking, version tracking to our future website and workflows so it makes it super easy and pleasurable to work together to develop Protei on the new website !

So, I tried here.
  • Instead of the list on my computer, I wrote the tasks on little piece of paper. In red I write the ones that had fixed deadlines. As I was writing so many of them, I was a bit overwhelmed but…

Applying Scrum to a messy life, phase 1

  • But really quickly it all came quite clean and logical. Some things were absolute priority. Feeling the cards in my hand I felt I was in control. It was easier to give up on some tasks, easier to visualise what was more important, and assign tasks per days. Soon enough I had a tidy table and felt a lot less stressed! Amazing!

Applying Scrum to a messy life, phase 2

And now killing tasks one after the other! I’m so happy!