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20120326 Protei general meeting

posted Mar 26, 2012, 9:28 AM by Cesar Harada   [ updated Mar 26, 2012, 11:35 AM ]


Piem, Peter, Cesar, Gabby, Kasia, Ru, Aurelie, Etienne

Piem : IMTECH :

About collecting plastic from the oceans. Imares, Wageningen University, IHC and Hogeschool Rotterdam.

Very nice, and very open. Bottom line: they are looking into the possibility to collaboratively research to Open Source develop a plastic cleaning autonomous vessel!

It was a first exploratory meeting, but the right mindset was there: imagine these companies considering Open Hardware themselves! They are pioneering in their field and we can be part of it (and benefit from the results)

There are also business/economic guys involved, which is very usefull to make it into the 'real' life business situation. They were thinking about cashflows: maybe start with designing a vessel that can harvest floating algae (food) and then redesign into plastic collectors when out-of-season...

Cesar mentions previous research in the field.

Larger discussion :

Peter Keen : There's been a lot of discussion recently of using marine algae for fuel production instead of diverting arable land to the purpose when it could be growing food.  Some serious people think it is the next big thing in that area.

Waag Society, PhDO program
Piem presented Protei to a group of PhD Students and got great feedback.
>> Follow up on what’s coming for these students - with Etienne Perhaps ?


Kasia, Aurelie and Cesar working on it.
Our partner price being too high, we’re going to DIT (Do it together).
So, there will be a need for Drupal wizards to the resuce soon.

Blue Ocean film Festival

Toni has sent me the film to submit / edit / work on.
>> Cesar works on the material Toni sent and sends it to Ru before submission.

TECH Awards

Protei has been nominated through Cesar.
>> Cesar will run the application with Ru.
>> Recommandations will be required to move forward.

competition being taken care by Gabrielle Levine

NTAA Competiton 

Taken care of by Kasia Molga

Open_Sailing -> Open_H20

Cesar Proposed name of the org to be changed from Open_Sailing to Open-H2O.


  • Open_Sailing will eventually do more than sailing technologies. 
  • Open_Sailing may be too much of a leisure related name and attract more leisure oriented people VS Open-H2o is geared more towards sciences. 
  • We want to invite other groups such as OpenROV to work with us, and they are not sailing technologies. The larger idea is to broaden the governance of Open Hardware expansion as best practice for Ocean Sciences.
  • Open-H20 would be a place where a new Open Hardware Maritime licence is distributed and updated for our community project, but also like creative commons to help other people doing ocean technology to licence their work under Open Hardware. 


  • Open_Sailing is a well established brand. We might loose our audience / follower changing name. 

The group discusses a number of alternative names without success : 

  • / org / net / cc
  • / org / net / cc
  • / org / net / cc
  • / org / net / cc
  • / org / net / cc

Cesar@Peter : Open_Sailing could also become a sub-group in fact - of sailing technologies under the Open-H2o umbrella

After voting the decision taken is

  1. Open_Sailing becomes Open-H2o. We are now officially Open-H2o !!!!
  2. Open_Sailing keeps existing under the Open-H2o Umbrella as a sub-group of research about sailing technologies.

Protei legal affairs

  • TradeMark : done !  
  • Patent pending : needs to be done
  • C-corp : will register this week
  • Non Profit : will register this week.