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20120312 Protei General Meeting

posted Mar 12, 2012, 8:00 PM by Cesar Harada


  • Piem (NL)
  • Kasia (UK, PL)
  • Ru (USA)
  • Sebastian (Germany)
  • Cesar (UK)
  • Nathan (USA)
  • Aurelie (FR)
  • Rik Bootman (NL)

Table of contents


Table of contents



-Artificial Intelligence

-Germany, Berlin

-United States of America





-Future developments


-Doha, TEDxSummit


Piem & Alvaro.

MARIN : Natural Propulsion Seminar (January 20)
Protei was a great success at the presentation.
→ Made lots of interesting contacts

IMTECH : Meeting with Mart Hurkmans <>, Peter van der Klugt (February 15)
They are:
have a lot of knowledge about steering BIG ships, and know about autonomous sailing first-hand
are willing to work with us to co-develop the chip that will be the "brain" of Protei.
feel they could design the Microprocessor unit which would work for Protei, including the AI functionality.
cannot sponsor that, so we should come up with some sort of marketing strategy. Comparable to Arduino kits for model/ toy helicopters etc...

We need to
→ show them the market study. They would get involve if there is an economic gain to be made.
→ meet them again in May at the DEAF Festival (Cesar and Piem in May)

RDM Campus : Jouke Goslinga (February 22)
Tu/e Next Nature Program : Student projects (kick-off February 6)
Zeilen Magazine : Willem Plet (February 13)

DEAF Festival
→ delivery France -> Rotterdam  : Cesar will help loading 5 days before DEAF
→ After DEAF Sebastian will drive it to Berlin, Seb Superkubus, right after DEAF

Piem will present Protei during an event organized by Waag Society: PhDO
Friday March 23rd 2012, from 4 till 7 PM


Syddansk universitet in Denmark
DNV report Qualification Basis
ITHET conference
DNV Summer student project
Business: Protei goodies: T shirts and Bags

Artificial Intelligence

Peter, Zenon, Gabriella, Kasia …

Germany, Berlin

Sebastian M, Sebastian N

Protei Berlin finally has an address:  Zigrastraße 15-19 ; 12057 Berlin
@ superkubus :
Collective workspace where Protei_006 will go after DEAF Festival.

United States of America

Aurelie & Cesar
We had an Intensive 3 weeks-trip in California with Cesar from San Francisco -(Monterey -Ventura) To Long Beach and PalmSpring
  • Open Source companies: potential partners / inspiring to polish our business modele
  • Financials / Investors : Fundation process / Angel
  • Research Centers

To quickly go through some of them
Seems that San Francisco along the water is a perfect place for Protei's Develpment. Water : Sailing Conditions/ OpenSource Community Spir. So here it is step by step

20120214 Noisebridge San Francisco, Rachel Lyra Hospodar
Great community of hackers and local makers where Protei could be developed. Escpecially interesting : open at night!

20120215 Techshop, OpenROV David Lang, Eric :
it s downtown sf
Monthly membership perfect to build Protei, there is 4 in the Bay Area... and we met the CEO they re working on their European Expansion (watch out !). It would be the perfect place to build Protei. They encourage Open source start ups and collaborations

20120216 Instructables. matthew and Wade :
we went quickly at HQ,  bought and supported by AUTODESK, best website of the web. They love Protei. Our Intellectual Property and theirs are compatible. We encourage Proteans to post Protei Proto >>Prototypes<< on Instructables for research and feedback, and Protei >>Products<< on our future website. Instructables would be happy to promote our launch event in the Bay in the fall, involving local makers community.

20120216 Richard Rikoski, and the potential of Protei on the market of transport of sensors and clean up material
He basically said that if we manage to sail at >2.5 knots, can carry >1t payload, if our price tag <20'000$, with a big autonomy, we're open source and we can produce quickly : we're gonna get big and become very useful. Rick confirmed our potential competitive positionning regarding Liquid robotics

20120216 Open Gardens []
They are primarily developing Mesh network over Bluetooth but are very interested in using their software architecture over larger distances and other communication protocols. Open Source technology they d be interested in using Protei as a platforme of experiment for their product and could be a very interesting tool for Sensing.

20120217 Mozilla
Cesar gave a Talk at Mozilla, 15 min presentation + Q&A (video link above)
It was interesting as Mozilla is a for-profit owned by a non-for Profit (fundation)
They explain how they developed their organization organically. The IP is owned by the NON Profit to protect the community and making sure the technology keeps growing. The Profit is there to compete on the market. We'll have something very similar for Open H20.
Cesar is moving to SF to serve Protei community better.

20120219 Florent Saint Clair, our first angel Investor
Florent has beeen working with VC Funds. He is French originaly but now is American.

He s been launching 4 companies and now run a big IT medical initiative :
He is well connected in the Valley and currently working also on Social Business Inversments and Social Business Initiatives development

20120219 Allison, about fisheries in the USA
Allison is a fantastic women entrepeneur Founder and CEO or Amplifier Strategies
She has done an amazing works amongst them some on
Fisherie processes
Ocean Science Trust

20120220 Exploratorium, Susan []
They are a very interactive science museum. At the end of the year they are relocating on a Pier, which means that in a few month their building will have their feets in the water.  
They are looking for a way to connect with the America’s cup [], which is departing from the Bay and they see Protei as a good connecting project : sailing and ocean science.
The idea is to establish
- a short term relationship for a regatta of Protei during the America’s cup
- a long term relationship of having many Protei studying the bay, piloted by kids from the Exploratorium.

20120223 Monterrey, Doug Au, DIrector of engineering & Development. Monterrey Bay Aquarium Research Institute []
They have the most amazing fabrication facility by the Pacific Ocean. They have been at the forefront of ocean instrumentation being supported by the Packard (HP) Foundation. They are very interested in Protei and could upgrade some of their current research with Protei.

20120227 Brie Pettis, Makerbot []
Learned a lot talking to Bre Pettis and how to manage the transition between a small open spurce project and a big funded Open Hardware Project.

20120227 Ayah Bder, Lilttle Bits []
Like Cesar, she’s aslo a TED Fellow, but Cesar met her for the first time at the Open Hardware summit she organized in New York in 2010. In 2011 Gabriella Levine represented the Protei project and was super successful. Ayah shared her knowledge and accepted to join the board of advisor of Protei.
This is a  great news to have the rising star of the open hardware movement lighting our path.

20120301 William Saito, Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Investigation Commission
He was very skeptical towards using new technologies arguing the issue is too complex and would prefer to rely on older technologies. He also said that the distribution of radioactiovity is very linear and not measurable radioactivty leaks beyond the area they study (20 km radius), information contradicted by other independent research on the topics … humhum... Not making me very comfortable...  It made very clear that Protei would be a usefull new technology to provide fresh independent research on radioactivity.

20120302 Hiroshi Tasaka PhD, Prof. Special Advisor to Prime minister japan
Same impression from Prof Tasaka. It is a complex affair and the health of this part of the Pacific Ocean and millions of people living there  is of concern here. Worth making one more study.

20120228 Houssem Aoui : TEDxOrganizer // open source connector // inventor connector to sponsors (Francis : Ocean preservation + Philantropist)
//  TEDxSeaPoint Organizer// would support any intitiatives join the Open-H2O plateform
he s gonna make us some intros for the funding of PRotei's R&D. Houssem is the TEDxTunis organizer has been involved in the Arab Spring,  is now TEDxSummit (in Doha) Organizor.
We are daily in touch and he s willing to support our fantastic community's initiatives and he should make us intros @ TEDxSummit as he introduced me to Shell Game Changers - Russell J Conser
they finance R&D initiatives

“For lack of money, a few connections, and perhaps a bit of guidance, many great ideas never get off the ground. GameChanger can help. If you have a creative mind and you believe your invention can transform the energy industry, perhaps you should be speaking to us. We invest in novel, early stage ideas that could impact the Energy System to help you get them from your mind to “proof of concept.””


Lisa & Helene
We had our first angel Investor Florent but have not yet found our main source of income to develop Protei or support our core administrative team in London. So, we unfortunately had to agree on ending the employed positions of Helene and Lisa. Helene and Lisa will no longer be the administrator and manager of the project for the time being. We miss their kind presence and work.


Gabriella & Seeed Studio discussion
Seeed studio interested in

Shenzeng Maker faire :
Gabby is trying to get there.
Cesar confirms Protei_006 (the one that was in ARCO) is ready to be shipped.
-> Gabby needs to put Cesar and Maker faire Shenzen to ship Protei there.


Laboral is interested in developing / selling Protei
Sebastian met a group of artists/designers incl. el ultimo grito , who were having a workshop about the future of products in Madrid. They were working on an online store for laboral they want to have products in there, which come from their fablab... Not finished products more prototypes of a first idea to transport the philosophy of laboral. Seb  talked with them about protei , because it perfectly fits in there...


Kasia + Gabby + Felipe + Bruno Vianna

Future developments

Website : Launch in Doha
Mission Statement
Develop and Promote open source software and open source hardware for the study, protection and betterment of the oceans.

Legal Status => Website => Community => Product => Local Actions (applications)

Everyone is continuying to develop their thread in their countries and moving forward.
On the construction of Protei as a legal entity and general community, these are big milestones we are looking at :

Legal Status => Website => Community => Product => Local Actions (applications)

1. Legal status : register in the USA as a Profit and Non-Profit
2. Website : making a good website for our community
3. Building and calling for participation : calling at TEDxSummit Doha
4. Product : The community will co-generate a product that will spread the "Protei Love" and be a great modular framework for other research to build upon for specific applications
5. Local Applications : many local applications from Oil sensing to radioactivity sensing, to plastic and fish counting will follow and reported on the website.

Tech Awards
Ru + Cesar


Nathan is interested in starting a group focusing on red tide.

Doha, TEDxSummit

April 15th - 22nd
Aurelie & Cesar will be there, launching the new website to 800 TEDxOrganisers, looking for sponsors, proposing workshops for TEDxevents.