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20120123 general meeting skype

posted Jan 23, 2012, 9:27 AM by Helene Rolin
General Meeting minutes – 23/01/12
Aurelie Vincent, Cesar Harada, Gabby Levine, Helene Rolin, Heather Mahoney, Kasia Molga, Lisa Hyland, Peter keen, Nathan Barrett,

Sponsorship update;

Nathan Barrett
Is helping to formulate a list of potential sponsors to Protei
He is a resident of Florida, living a couple hours south of the areas impacted by Deepwater Horizon, and this is where his interest in Protei has evolved from.
Cesar invited him to join our database and encourages community
Cesar suggests; the community add to this list of sponsors
Peter proposes; I've just discovered I have Vikoma
Cesar Minoru Harada says in answer to Ru; the next step is to find an email / phone to call and kill that list
Do not worry about organizing.  Add your submissions to the very bottom of the list after RANKINGS, with appropriate Industry label, and I will organize them.
Ru and Aurelie are meeting this afternoon to discuss this.

Working groups;

A.I. is hoping to meet later this week with Peter, Kasia, Gabby, Tieno, Zenon and Etienne
Peter Keen suggests; we'll need to see if Jerome and Alex can make it - but not essential
Cesar comments; I'm happy you are integrating Kasia's real-time "big picture" oil spill and tankers into the AI

Basecamp use

Lisa will contact everyone this week and confirm every ones role within the community and there active groups on basecamp.
Peter suggests; we may want to review what working groups we have and if everything is covered
Lisa will talk to Peter and Ru separately regarding basecamp
List of groups on Basecamp;
_General Protei
Group_AI Software
Group_Business Development
New Website
Board of Directors
Board of Directors
GEM Stanford
Roadmap (business plan, sponsorship plan, tech dev plan)
Goldsmiths University of London
Helene adds; We will try to reorganized these weekly meeting using basecamp.
We will update the general topics on basecamp. Then everyone can suggest more topics,…. Then we could work on a schedule… to be respected once on skype…

Protei as legal structure

Aurelie, Florent and Cesar, reporting to Lisa, Helene have met with 3 key persons.
Cesar Minoru Harada:
One of the bigger international law firm in London, with a lawyer specialized in Start ups. What he told us it that essentially, it is legal to create both a profit and non-profit - even if they are working in 2 different countries.
and more interesting, that a non-profit can own a profit LTD (Limited company).
In other words, we have come to conclusion that the best set up for Protei would be;
1. a profit start-up in London
2. a non-profit in the USA - So, we can attract both philantrophy, as well as investors to manufacture our little revolutionary robots. So, this week, We will form as a Start-up in London and soon as a non-profit in the USA.
We will set up as a L.T.D. company. For the practical reason that, net are not available and same,, they are all taken already
Aurelie says; we will consider a fiscal sponsor while you are in the process
Peter asks; What was the issue with grants not working for a non-profit set up?
Ru: I'm not sure, but I will look into it today.  There are non-profs here in the states that specialize in being sposors.  Ex. Fractured Atlas.
They get a 3% cut of grants in exchange for providing several services and legality, etc.
My non-profit is a nature center (very small and focused on environmental education).  I am just starting a job there as Executive Director.  I will have to investigate if we can be your sponsor.
I believe it is very fixed, but will reearch it.  
Peter asks about legality; To Peter: handling tax paperwork and necessary sponsorship so we could apply for government funds and grants only available to non-profit organizations.
If you want non profit funds before you have you OWN non-profit status finalized, yes. Once we have a 501(c)3 designation with the us government, we won't need a sponsor.
SO, to move forward we will need a little working group on writing Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws for the non profit.
Cesar Minoru Harada: so, down the road, in about  (hopefully) 6 month, we have our own non-profit status and tax exemption and we don’t need a fiscal sponsor (3% cut) anymore.
As a fellow of SENO, I have a pro-bono lawyer in the USA to  help us the article
Cesar Minoru Harada: these are people we can ask advice / work for free to set ourselves as non-profit in the USA


Ru: We will hear back on the Explorer's Club grant in April. the Sigma Xi grant is due March 15.
I will need to work with the tech end of Protei onthe Sigma Xi... to know what non-traditional equipment you could use funding for... help from Cesar and Etienne?
Etienne: the table is in the form of a To Do list for academic funding opportunities only
@Ru:academic only. but i´ve added the sigma grant to my list
Ru will message Peter about the grant. It's for "non-traditional" equipment in science and engineering r&d projects. The grant must be applied for by an undergrad or grad student, but multiple students per project can apply.  So any student associated with Protei or working on it could apply for funding.
Cesar: I have created a "Roadmap" (business plan + Sponsorship plan) as a project in the basecamp

Stanford recruits. Phang, Elika.

They and their professor Kalpana can contribute to our business plan
2 students from stanford entrepreneur & engineering, they have 120 hours to dedicate to protei. Student project - they will work along those lines: "Designing an economically sustainable model for a non-profit that produces innovation, manufactures and operates ocean sensing and cleaning robots."
"Design an economically sustainable model for an international community-generated technology to sense and clean-up oceans, using both Profit and Non-profit structures."
Elika is more focus on how a non-profit can support a community-generated technology
More on the revenue model and manufacturing
[23/01/2012 16:00:02] Peter Keen: Really very encouraging.
Cesar: in such a distributed structure - how to make is adaptable and resilient to change (external factors) So we're talking to them every week and we have 8 weeks in total


Cesar: Oh, by the way, we got a podcast + an article in :
Tonight, we are meeting with these guys :  
during the olympics, they are organising these floating exhibits on the canals near the olympic locations, so instead of struggling to get permissions to float our robots, we just piggy-back on this event and we use the network they have already established
Huge importance for Protei to have Olympic presence
Kasia: esp. their floating cities is very much aligned with open sailing agenda - but lets see what will the meeting bring tonight
Cesar: Floating Futures is a water based youth project for environmental education, skills workshops, professional coaching and media art exhibitions on subjects relating to the future of this earth.
It will offer activities such as Floating Futures Festival and a socially enterprising Floating Futures Boat Trip Service for the Olympic Park’s waterways.
It will be operated by young people and serve as a hub to think, explore and voice their plans and concerns about their personal futures and the future of the planet.
It will establish mentoring programmes with entrepreneurs, scientists and artists encouraging young people to consider careers in environmental and social sciences.
It will also serve as a hub and incubator for future social enterprises and art and cultural projects related to the environment.
Floating Futures is comprised of a fleet of destination islands attached to piers in the waterways and accessed by respective solar powered ferry boats. The fleet is serviced by a large barge, which includes training, workshop and kitchen facilities.
Each destination islands serve 4 principal functions:
stages for cultural performance
platforms for environmental education
pods for professional mentoring
environments for creative catering
Floating Futures will aspire to meet social, environmental, business and cultural objectives in equal measures.
The new proposal grows naturally from the Floating Forest prototype which delighted a variety of audiences along East London’s Waterways throughout the summer of 2011.
Kasia: they also have a boat with the exhibition space on it and want to involve us in that too. The boat will be travelling gallery around Thames
Kasia Molga: re: Pete - working group - I think we need to create another group for Protei cultural/outreach/promotion programme type of thing
We could put under it all events/exhibitions/residencies
Peter: It's almost a matter of specifying short term (<1 year) goals that advance the project on several fronts all at once. So could be under a local.UK group? or for similar under the local(dot) banner if you see what I mean.  I kind of local events committee. 
Kasia: I am creating at the moment list of exhibitions/workshops we are sending Protei for - it just make it easier
Cesar Minoru Harada: perfect, so basically we have several tables :
1. Potential sponsors : maintained by Nathan
2. Grants : maintained by Etienne
3. Art Exhibitions : maintained by Kasia
Ru asks Kasia; can you include BLUE Ocean Film Fest and we will touch base later on the details?  But if we want to test the manned Protei with sailors at BLUE, we'll need to move forward soon.
Kasia agrees.