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20120109 Skype General Meeting

posted Jan 10, 2012, 1:25 AM by Helene Rolin   [ updated Jan 10, 2012, 1:46 AM ]
8 People attending: Aurélie, César, Peter K., Sebastian, Piem, Julia, Helene, Lisa.


- Link to the latest version of the business plan:
- Introduction to the new organisation chart:
- intro to basecamp, Protei’s new project management system
- Introducing Lisa and Helene as new London based recruits

To do

- Everyone fill up the following table (Lisa will follow-up)
- get familiar with the basecamp

Next meeting:
Monday 16th January 2012, 16:00 Oslo time

Etienne's message

  • Stanford GEM Protei presentation:
  • We still need a confirmation of Gabby to attend and Aurelie´s friend as a back up.
  • If neither of them can make it, we´ll skip this session and focus on the next round of student projects in the Spring: same scope, same projects, new students!
  • Website feedback:
  • We need to be able to receive comments from people who do not have an Open sailing / admin account. I found an interesting example of Open design:
  • Research packages: still working on it. Will come back to that next week.

The objectives of this year

Protei 1m Remote controlled + Protei 6m Manned.
Progress needs to be made in fluid mechanics academic studies as well as prepare for manufacturing and sales.

SF Launch Event
is it intended for the 6m manned vessel and the 1m Remote control version?
Aurelie is suggesting Mid October 15-30 oct

As the blue Ocean Festival is September 24 - 30, 2012 ( Aurelie, might be working on this with Toni + Ru

In September / October it is the Red tide season in Mexico. Our Protei members in Mexico will be busy on the field - of we are lucky we may be able to go and support them after our events :)
Aaron and Julia?

Introducing Lisa and Helene to Protei’s team

Lisa @ Protei:
Project Management, Lisa is going to be here to facilitate the exchanges with R&D team.
Lisa background:
Lisa worked in design, domestic and commercial - interiors, furniture, set and exhibition design for about 10 years before becoming an EFL teacher. She moved to London just over two months ago. She has worked as a project manager and account handler in commercial design, web and print and wanted to get back into working in that area in London.

Helene @ Protei:
General Administration and PA to César. Working with Cesar to build a strong organization.
Helene background:
She has 4 years experience as project manager - PA - and managing position in small businesses in London and Internationally (art gallery, production companies, event, marketing)

=> Both to have a chat with Piem and Aurélie next week.

Basecamp: project management system,No%20CC%20Upfront4%20/%20No-CC&utm_custom[Landing_Headlines]=email&utm_custom[No_CC%20Upfront4]=No-CC

It is a way everyone can tell everyone : "hey, dont forget that ingredient, you ... !!!
So we can share our ideas, prioritize, set milestones.
The work can be divided into to-do list with a date, so we keep the project on track.
Instead of discussing forever, we can put our ideas into action!
And work together toward clearer objectives as well as distribution of work and create project templates. People can participate different aspects of the project it creates projects template, sets a date and call collaborators to help him, easy!

Protei Project Planning (will take care of project planning prior to template stage).
We have divided the work in groups such as admin, R&D, Communication etc...

So, you have the AI group and basecamp is going to make it a lot easier for you to manage the writing of the paper / meeting subjects / coding priorities / etc.

Please get familiar with basecamp!

- Lisa is going to contact you guys and make sure you are functional on bascamp
- Helene and I will work in integrating you within the organisation structure in the place you want to be :)

 Organisation chart


This is how Protei is being constituted as an organisation.
Protei as a one "command" type structure, and the "collaborate" structure
The left (pyramid) and the right (network) => Exact same functions but in a more organic and distributed management structure.
It is important for external future partners and investors to understand that we work together and we can react efficiently and self-regulate.
Fact, day to day we can work in a more fluid way
Does it make it easier ? I recommend you check this short post, in particular the 2 little videos :

The ideal situation is that we end up managing ourselves well.
The general goal is to have the best environmental Impact as we develop this innovation in Sailing.

The management is here to keep everyone on track and on time.
Distributing resources and making sure everyone's happy
We're writing the business plan, aiming at delivering a full draft Friday evening for everyone to review. There will be a "MISSION STATEMENT" that we should all agree upon and sign.

Aurélie => mission statement sounds like The general goal of Protei is to have the best environmental Impact as we develop this innovation in Sailing.
It is the same organization with 2 different perspectives (as far as i understand)
I understand that what we are all trying to do is defining a new kind of organization that would help each of us finding the best position to work in the most efficient (and pleasant way and so, expressing our talents by following a same mission statement

Local Groups

Hunter => it seems like the development of local groups is the more important factor in this organizing structure, and also to develop eventual markets. And there would be some sort of natural selection with all the groups operating

The community website is going to act as a "blog farm" for local structures
The technology is Open Hardware: that means that we want to organise ourselves and provide development infrastructure for local Protei Groups.
There is also a "Protei_Labs" for all the ideas that Protei members have - so everyone can express their creativity and receive the support for the community
so, not only shape-shifting hull (which is the main innovation for now) but many other connected project (Multi-hul, kite designs etc)
So for instance, Hunter wants to lead the local Protei chapter in New orleans for Oil spill sensing, or bird Census : brilliant. And if Hunter wants to invent new techs with the global community, well, labs is made just for that :)

Peter K. =>
OK, so this is making some sense in that way and I can see the link with Open Hardware. In this case it is the role of the centre and perhaps group heads to co-ordinate at the next level up from the idea generating 'engine room' and to an extent cherry pick the best innovations and technologies that arise at the local level to address the "Meta" vision of a particular universally held goal. Would that be correct? In that way it's an evolutionary process?

Hunter @peter =>
That seems to be how it struck me. Innovation at the local level would eventually make it to the 'decision centre' and eventually be enacted. And local groups give physicality, and a raised level of accountability.

Piem =>
Oh, I thought it more the other way around: there is the main goal that we share, and local groups work on realizing parts of these goals.

Peter:@ Piem =>
I don't think those are necessarily mutually exclusive, though your model presupposes a higher level of central control, or agreement - which may naturally arise but can not be guaranteed, so the process relies on a higher rate of output from local groups than would actually be required in a linear organisation. (If I'm imagining it right)

Hunter: it seems like it work both ways, information from what is centrally shared dispersed to the local groups and returning. And for the open hardware portion, if one gives people links to the hardware and have aggreements with vendors, then one could earn revenue from parts ordered… through links and cookies and all.

Cesar: @Hunter @Peter :
The interaction between the core "Protei technology" and "labs" is going to be similar to the way "google" and "google labs" work
it does work both ways, we have a central technology, and we have connected projects
The essence that is common to all these projects is Open Hardware (the intellectual Property set up) and the ethical goal : innovation for environmental purpose.
We need to commit into a STRUCTURE. So we can Attract funding and be operational

Sales / Operations / Customer service / and develop their own local flavor / +labs!

So, on the long run, we are now building the infrastructure of a wide community of people who collaborate - I would like to introduce the project management tool shortly after.

Peter => If I were to modify it in any way, I'd expand the Local Group to be the big abdomen of a bumble bee, and have the rest acting as the head, eyes, Antennae, legs thorax etc to reflect the huge importance of the Local groups to providing the nutrition of the organism, while the other parts provide direction and guidance in pursuit of the next meal. Silly metaphor I know, but it's just what came to mind while I was looking at it.

Kasia and AI group

I’m preparing the oil compass for ARCO tomorrow

Peter, Etienne and Zenon - are we still up for Friday morning (CET time morning) for a little get together?

She uploaded a pdf on basecamp