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20120102 General meeting. About Administrative structure and coming website

posted Jan 2, 2012, 9:32 PM by Cesar Harada   [ updated Jan 3, 2012, 3:42 AM by Kasia Molga ]
Present at the meeting
  • Kasia
  • Etienne
  • Aurelie
  • Cesar

Administrative status of Protei and individual involvement. 

Cesar would like to talk to each Protei member and understand their desired involvement, time availability and resources as we are designing Protei as a start-up company / non-profit / informal research group.
For instance, Etienne immediately made clear the quality in which he would love to continue to be involved and the amount of time he would dedicate to the project. 

Etienne : 1 day per week as Academic Coordinator. Mainly based in Oslo. 
His preferred Protei working day would be Friday for about 8 hours
He'd like to particularly focus of starting and maintaining external academic research groups (universities students groups) for 3 6 12 months, to answer protei existential questions in Mecanics, Physics (aero / hydrodynamics) in particular. Etienne indicated he can perform academic supervision except on topic such as electronics, but very interested in AI department. 

Cesar : Général Coordination and Mechanics

Physics : Alvaro Takiuti (NL) + Olivier taillard (Paris). Gonzalo Tampier (Chile) as consultant, Peter Naijen (NL) as consultant

Electro : Hardware, Recently Gabbi has been very active, and taken command on the Git repo so we'd love to see Gabbi in that position. Now Gabbi is in her last year of Master at ITP in New York and we don't want to interfere with her study. It is important for Protei to know if Protei is part of her research agenda, than it is possible to work without compromising her promising future. So that's something that really need to be discussed with Gabriella.

AI : Software. Data Viz, mapping, interface. We have in this group Peter, Zenon + students, Gabriella, Etienne and Kasia, But the leadership is yet to be defined. 

Admin : Helene Rolin? Lisa Hyland? both? We are in the last stages of discussing the vacancy for Helene and Lisa to join the Protei team at high level of admin and management. The process have been pretty slow because these are key positions and we'd affect these positions to new comers. The final decision will soon be made. 

Com & Strategy : Aurelie Vincent to be define more precisely. 

Local and thematical subgroup leaders. 

Protei is developping internationnaly and it makes a lot of sense to have responsible by geographical location or for a specific application. 
For instance, in Mexico we have Julia and Aaron, in Stanford we have Shah Selbe, in japan we have Nae and perhaps Ai... All these needs to be refined. 

Deadline : Stanford entreprenarial Market

This is being discussed through emails, but the 13 Janvier : Seminar, focalised on marketing to recruit a group of students that would work on Protei as a case study for a quarter of a year. Eliane of Ubergizmo + Gabbi to back Shah Selbe (TBC) at the presentation. 
Etienne has been overseeing the development of the conversation and future collaboration. End of january, a group of student is assigned to a project for 10 weeks.

Protei Community Webdesign

Feedback to Kasia's diagram of website.
the suggestion of Etienne "Get - Give - Share" has strongly influenced Kasia proposed structure. her notes are below, based on Cesar's previous post.

very good synthesis of Kasia with more detail on website design :

  1. Simple clear structure of the website with 3 to 4 main section, color coded with various subsections (drop downs). Based of the give/get/share idea. Subsections often cross over from one section to the other, so we need a clever tagging system to make sure that users know exactly where they are. 
  2. Since some parts Protei are slowly becoming commercial, we must highlight from the start that there is a commercial face to the project too. Possibly we can have two websites - one commercial and one community based (similar to and
  3. The interface will have different depths - so that the first level is purely informative, second is when people can download and comment, third when the discussion/forum happens and people are allowed to post their articles. We must make possible to add and access information easily to highly specialised subjects - as robotics, so that we can quickly and effectively generate attention of specialists and give possibilty for their input. 
  4. Seamless news stream on the home page - highlieted what we do now, which stage, what we need, are there any answers we looking for? That integrated with all social media - twitter/ fb/google + etc. 
  5. Places/languages - allowing people from various locations, who don't speak English to create their own sub-groups and discussion forums
  6. Clear indication of parts which belong to Academic/ Research section of the project
  7. Some sort of moderation - to check posted comments and articles - either check them by some clever lingo software or have someone doing it every evening
  8. Categories and Tagging. Search option. Blog.
  9. Protei Idea Farms - for offspin projects or projects inspired by Protei....
cesar is currently building the backbone of the future website and handing it to Kasia for refinement. We might call in Bianca and Rapahel Faeh for help in later stages. 

San Fransisco

Aurelie and Cesar are actively preparing the Business plan, sponsorship plan and trip to San Fransisco in Feb / march 2012. 
The idea is to find partners, sponsors to launch Protei this summer in SF bay where technology, sailing and ground breaking entrepreneurship meet. One of the requirement will be to set up a non-profit in the USA to be able to receive donations. Aurelie and Cesar are working on that front preparing tons of meetings and site visits on the west coast.