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20111121 Admin & General meetings

posted Nov 21, 2011, 1:15 PM by Cesar Harada   [ updated Nov 21, 2011, 1:51 PM ]
Cesar proposes a calendar for Protei Development for the next 2 years. 

So We're developing 2 separate products : 1m, and 6m
And the progression will be : 
- and the 1m RC -> 1m Arduino + Android
- and the 6m manned -> 6m unammed
So, this is validated. 

Zenon also suggests that he'd be able to contribute with his team here.

Sebastian questions if timeframes are realistics. 
Cesar declares that time frames are meant to be guidelines, and the he will do in function of time, work the plan. 

Peter : I'm thinking it would be good to integrate some of the VPP outputs into these designs.  Is that your starting point Cesar?
Cesar suggests an integration : 
- 1m dev
- 6m dev
-Keeping things simple. From Peter suggestion of connecting the dev of Protei 1m RC to Protei 6m manned + AI dev

connect dev of Protei 1m and 6m

Cesar stressed the fact that we need a leader for each subgroup to be more efficient :

It's also been agreed that we need a general project assistant, Cesar's right arm.
Piem and Cesar will work together to recruit that intern based in London. 

Peter Keen: So we'll crack into the 1m versions as reasonably faithful copies of 006, line up some tank tests and VPP modelling, use the output to inform the 6m design.  Then Zenon and Gabby and the rest of us can play around with multiple 1m versions for our AI and control system work.
Peter Keen: Oh and sell the RC 1m versions as toys to the Japanese market (Dec 2012).

Cesar to Peter and Zenon : The AI group doesnt need to wait for Protei_001 to be ready to start coding. AI group can start by choosing of architecture for scaling, from centralized network, to decentralized, to multi-agent, to multi-group swarm behaviour is no small task.

zenon chaczko: @Peter yes we can have some variants of AI and control systems for 1m standard design version
Peter Keen: @ Zenon :-) Yes, it would be good wouldn't it, we might even be able to start on the mathematical model for the agent.

Cesar : I believe bigger money to come when we present Protei 6m manned in a place like San Fransisco and have world best sailors / surfers try the craziest shape-shifting sailboat ever.
zenon chaczko: you're right Cesar, size matters
Peter Keen: Their feedback could be some of the most valuable test results we ever get from a control p.o.v.

We have multiple places that prototype multiple Protei, let's do most of each.

About the last week commitment, Cesar found documentation about wing area / lift. 

The great flight diagram

Sebastian has installed Protei in Berlin at the Haus Der Kultur der Welt, looking very nice. 

Sebastian will be on the radio the 23/11/2011 at 19:10 (FM 95.9) talking about Protei : 

Cesar presented the pitch (publicly editable) that all Protei team can use to find partners. 
Please edit and annotate, I need feedback and suggestions. 

>> Next meeting, next monday Nov 28th : Admin 15:00, general 16:00 Oslo time

Cesar might not be available for the meeting, presenting Protei in San Diego at TEDxSanDiego and working in Ensenada with Amorphica folks - Protei mexican team.