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20110725 General meeting - after 1/2 scale testing

posted Jul 25, 2011, 11:32 AM by Cesar Harada   [ updated Jul 25, 2011, 11:42 AM ]

== Participants ==

Sebastian Muellauer
Roberto J Melendez
Logan Williams
Qiuyang Zhou
Isidora Markou
Francois de La Taste
Cesar Harada

== Test saturday ==

We started by talking about the test we had the previous saturday. 
Here are the following comments, non attributed. 

  1. Our prototype even he endured force 4 to 5 winds prove to be reasonably rugged and "survive".
  2. The body needs to be wider
  3. The mast needs to be more stiff
  4. We need much more weight at the bottom, more ballast.
  5. Roberto said he felt he was sailing a windsurf - half immersed. 
  6. The lateral articulation will require a huge power
  7. The passive vertical actuation was very nice, the hull followed waves very surprisingly elegantly. 
  8. We discussed if the length of the board is suited for our application and wind. We concluded that force 4-5 is the maximum wind for which the current prototype should comply with  - at this stage. In the future, of course we want to have a machine that can take storms with ease. Flexibility is our direction, not stiffness. 
  9. Our inflatable deflated a lot, making the test difficult. We discussed other options than inflatable bags. First, air bags DO constrain lateral, flexion as they fight against deformation being semi-rigid if under great pressure. 
    Alternatively fixed shape floats such as fishing buoy may provide more stable buoyancy. 
    Another third possibility would be to carve breads of flotation - foam - in a shape that does not conflict with the movements of the flexible hull. 
  10. We need to check if the submerged dry containers  are really dry.

== Basic Objectives ==

Piem reminded us that our basic objectives need to be met : 

  • Sailing
  • Tow a long load : oil sorbent
  • Collision avoidance
  • Come back to where it started. 

Francois reminded "it is all about the "QB" (Qualification Basis) and we will see that when Etienne arrives this wednesday. 

== Management ==

Cesar declared that he will take over the production of the final prototype and time management will be the absolute priority, regarding the fact that the current prototype is now very late and behind schedule - about 2 weeks late. We only have now 1 week of safety, that' is not enough, we are entering the danger zone, time wise. 

The next - and final prototype will mainly be an improved version of the current prototype, simplified for production and rapid manufacturing, without major changes in scale to avoid to have to re-engineer all batteries, motors, materials etc but rather optimise what we have now. 

More powerful batteries may be required. 

We than collectively drafted a calendar of the planning of the week, friday 29th being the next testing in the water objective. 
Here are the big tasks ahead of us. 

== Mechanical == Sebastian + Cesar + Roberto + Francois

  1. Keel structure (Seb + youngsters)
  2. keel skin (Seb + youngsters)
  3. Buoyancy (Seb + youngsters)
  4. Mast + keel connection (Cesar in Parralel)
  5. Ballast (everybody, come together)

== Electric == Quiyang + Logan + Roberto + Francois

  1. Xbee
  2. Xbee- seal
  3. integration, seal 
  4. Power veal design
  5. Actuators
  6. Wiring
  7. Waterproofing