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20110718 General Meeting Notes

posted Jul 18, 2011, 7:45 AM by François de la Taste
Present : Etienne, Peter, Piem, Francois, Cesar, Qiuyang, Seb M,

Josh in Rotterdam ?

Seb M is looking for someone proficient with manufacturing, mobility design, composites, complex structures, etc. Since Josh's mission is Chile has been aborted, he can go to Chile (on DNV's behalf)
Protei apartment will be nearly full when he arrives (Gabriella coming back), so we need to find another accommodation (see with Piem)


Prototyping team is still figuring out a lot, and doesn't have a lot of time to write down an extensive documentation or user manual. We should keep on doing the construction report (pictures, schematics, list of materials, etc.) and Cesar + a small team will make the documentation and manuals at the end of the summer.


Prototyping is going well, even if we are about 1 week behind schedule. Prototyping team is doing something carefully crafted and precise. First testing planned on next Saturday.
If our idea fails, lot of other ideas...
Scaling up : The final version might not be as large as intended because of time and funds.

Qualification Basis

Most important results are VPP and the associated global dimensions.
Philippe (from DNV Technology Qualification) has been helping a lot on the QB.

New people

Philippe Noury : Helping Francois on QB + composite materials (strength, fatigue, ... from an engineer point of view). Experienced sailor & windsurfer.
Zenon : Cool ideas for future research (butterfly sail, automated control system, AI algorithm, ...) available to discuss w/ Qiuyang and Logan about control system => valuable asset.

Etienne's paradise

Etienne is going to rent a house in Oslo after Sept. Close to the sea + launching ramp. Invite people to work permanently (=> FUNDING ????) Time to go forward.Good place to make the prototypes we are going to sell (factory).

Cesar is going (?) to make Open_Sailing a NPO (registration in Europe ? UK ?).