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20110627 General Meeting

posted Jun 27, 2011, 9:19 AM by Cesar Harada
Peter Keen
Etienne Gernez
Henrik Rudstrom
Francois de la Taste
Roberto Melendez
Qiuyang Zhou
Gabriella Levine
Toni Nottebohn
Cesar Harada

Recent tests

We commented about : 
We discussed extensively the issue of hulls "fighting" agains each other, the issue of self-righting of a multi-hull, mass distribution, turbulence and massive displacement of water  when a boat acts like gates. 

We discussed the ressemblance of this proto with Protei_002 and the improvements. Also the lack of weight as ballast, the power required to bend the hull. The possibility of a wing as sail was pushed as possible by Etienne while the somehow classical sail may be a less efficient yet more tolerant system. 
The conclusion is that all design of hull should be done with the design of the sail. Ultimately, all designs should go through VPP, naval architecture review (Gonzalo, Daniele). Also needs to be taken into account the limited time and ressource and limit the complexity of what we want to try. 

Update about current work and general calendar updates

Not discussed

Integration of Francois in Rotterdam team

Coming wednesday, will do oil research.

Aeroclay, and non-disclosure


Coming graphic design competiton with Partner

We will soon launch a crowd-source competition for the visual identity of Protei through and Open_Sailing member Nadine Freischlad. 

Next general meeting : Monday 4th July.

NOTE : the 5ht of July, we are doing an internal presentation of Protei to the V2_ Personel and our friends in Rotterdam. Every Protei member is invited to prepare whatever work she/he has been working on to inform the group. Amorphica, randomwalks, Kasia Molga, Toni, V2_ personel (Piem, Boris, Michel, Isidora) are warmly encouraged to share whatever they have contributing so for the 5ht we have a good picture of what has been achieved with the Protei project so far.