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20110620 general meeting notes

posted Jun 20, 2011, 9:06 AM by François de la Taste   [ updated Jun 21, 2011, 4:05 AM ]
Hello everyone. Some notes about the meeting of today :

 == Participants ==

    Cesar, Peter, Francois, Roberto, Logan, and the rest of the Rotterdam team [please update]

 == Agenda ==

1. Who is taking notes ? [well, obviously that's me]
2. Current research
   3/4 pages on website feedback
3. Francois research
4. Planning and Budget
5. Integration of Francois + Gonzalo
6. Commitments

 == Design and global layout ==

3 sub-groups :
1. Spine-based hull, moving around a flexible axe

2. Tickles, rigid segments + flexible joints
3. The controversial catamaran

Currently half scale

Catamaran : looks easier to attach the tail to the mast, but is not consistent with the global aim of the project, which is :
"Can shape-shifting hull enhances the technology available to clean up oil spills at sea ?" ( © Cesar Harada, 2011)
However it is still worth looking in that direction because we can learn a lot (might impact other designs ?)

How to compare a rigid and a flexible hull ?
-> easy to build a rigid hull out of a flexible one => we can compare then !

 == Mechanical towing testing in Chile ==

Joshua is going to Chile with Gonzalo and make some towing tests on the booms / sheets.
No dynamic validation of hull design or models is expected from them.

Instead, we have the possibility to carry out testing every week in Rotterdam, but without any physical measurement.
+ two cameras needed (one fixed, one moving with the load) for recording tests => see w/ Gonzalo and Josh.

 == Remote sensing and detection ==

We can embed IR-UV sensors in Protei to increase its ability to detect oil spills and generate a more efficient set of orders.
Cesar has worked on oil-spill imagery and knows people developing cheap solutions.
See Remote Sensing documentation page for more info.

 == Booms vs. sheet ==

Booms are more stable and can probably handle rough sea conditions. Sorbent sheets would probably require T-shaped ballast to avoid flying away.

 == Possible application ==

Since we have decided to focus on light oils, thin slicks and relatively calm weather conditions in a first time, we might consider cleaning up continuous leakage from offshore platforms as a possible application. See Scenarios

 == Booms for free ? ==

We need 40m of booms for the Witte de With festival. Francois is going to contact manufacturers to see if we can get sponsorship in exchange of advertising.

 == Planning & budget ==

See this file (general calendar) : please edit your status and planned availability.
Budget looks good, Etienne can back up in case we need to (either from DNV funding or from his charity)

 == Qualification Basis ==

See this file (Qualication Basis) : head of each group should update its part and comment on the rest.

Heads of groups

[please update] :
 Group    Head
 Oil-collection system