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20110516 Protei general meeting

posted May 16, 2011, 9:26 AM by Cesar Harada   [ updated May 16, 2011, 9:39 AM ]


  1. Updates of individual progress 
  2. Checklist of what we need when June 1 starts 


  • Piem 
  • Gabriella 
  • Li Yu 
  • Kasia 
  • Shah 
  • Oulous 
  • Maia 

>> Piem

== Housing ==
Piem : 30th of May until 11th of September.
there are two appartments, each have two single bedrooms and one double.
So, for sure eight people  + camping bed in the livingroom if needed
We got 4 bikes so far. 

== health insurance, work permit ==
Non-european really need health insurance
<Oulous> mentions : Knowledge migrant

== Oil booms == 
Piem got in touch with Dutch oil boom makers


>> Cesar

== electric versioning diagram ==

== test matrix ==

== Intellectual property ==

== Update and connecting with Backer==


>> Amorphica, Julia

 == 3d files compare ==
Maya, Rhino
great workflow proposed : 
his is the workflow I think we might use:
Mecanical design program[solidworks or inventor]----->>>3D Nurbs Modeling [Maya or Rhino]----->>>Math calculation program[need to consult Etienne ]----->>>Simulation and Animation [Maya]  and we can go back and forth along this lines doesn't need to be so linear

>> Maia

will come at the beginning. 

>> Li Yu


  • Cesar : electronic digrams with gabriella 
  • Julia : will work on updating the softwre compatibility matrix and add a workflow diagram for everyone to see/comment on. Also I will write a profile of what we are looking for in terms of the person to work on the 3D model and simulations and post it to the site 
  • Li Yu : I make a 2eme generation of Sponsor map and see if there some material that i need looking for in China, 
  • Maia : call GPS companies, after joining the communication group.