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20110425 Protei General meeting

posted Apr 25, 2011, 9:30 AM by Cesar Harada   [ updated Apr 25, 2011, 9:37 AM ]

Participants : 

  1. Peter Keen 
  2. Cesar Harada
  3. Seb Muellauer
  4. Daniel Henneberger
  5. Roberto Melendez
  6. Li Yu
  7. Dooho Yi
  8. Julia Cerrud (amorphica)

Order of the day

Everybody seems to understand the shared google calendar and be able to use it in their own time zone. 
>> A calendar page will be added to the website. 
>> all existing users can invite other users to join that calendar. 

Intermediary Deadlines

We all agreed that it is important to set up intermediate deadlines for each group to take KEY Decisions (Peter Keen).
<Seb M> further prototyping dates are required, testing before June.
We can individually work on small prototypes before we all meet together.
Keep time in early june to prototype completely new ideas.
<Peter Keen> We make solve most theoretical issue now, and keep practical issues for june, or as soon as we start building models.

Individual Commitment System

We are all busy, so we agreed that at the end of each meeting, each participants commits her/himself to clear tasks to be done for the next general meeting. 

General size of prototype

<Seb M> the general size can't be determined now. We should focus on the objective and functionality -> it will determine the overall size. 
<Cesar> we can determine the factor that will affect the final size of the machine : 
- environment in which we want it to operate (size of wave, wind power, oil density)
- cost
- performances we expect

Reporting key decisions?

Questions as important as the 
- overall size. 
- number and surface of sails
- type of microcontroller and language we DECIDE to use must figure as KEY Decision on each group page. 
<roberto> We need to choose the Chip before june
<Seb M> We need to validate math model


1. Peter Keen commits: 

  • Research Autonomous Agents for self controlling vehicles
  • Oil recovery from Oil Booms

2. Cesar Harada commits : 

  • Add "Key decisions" on each group page.
  • Suggest sub-deadlines to each groups. 
  • Get different oil booms to drag, in June
  • Create "calendar page" time zone : Rotterdam 
  • Create "map" with all people, locations of interest, retailers for Protei, test documentations ect. 
  • Comment past prototypes (Protei 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5.1)
  • Design : Size factors that determines the size (diagram)
  • Dev math model diagrams

3. Seb Muellauer commits : 

  • Remove duplicate information under "topics" to put them under the current prototype development. 
  • Doing tests on PLA - fiber composits , fur hull and sails. 
  • Share more design ideas
  • Set up and host the next design meeting, Saturday April 30th, 16:00 Rotterdam time.  

4. Daniel Henneberger commits :

Can you please add your commitment as comments perhaps ?

5. Roberto Melendez :  

  • Investigate different control platforms
  • Talk to profesors at MIT about protei, send solidworks files to Julia
  • Ref :

6. Li Yu commits :  

  • layout
  • tree of content of the future book about Protei
  • share the document with everyone

7. Dooho Yi commits :  

  • Research on the modeling of something similar to  protei

8. Julia : 

  • Experiment with importing/exporting solidworks files solidworks-maya
  • Finish the Autodesk grant + free licence application
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