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Design a Digitata

The competition is open to School children, entries can be individual or in groups of any size.

Internet Penetration

How To enter:
  1. On the map above select a country which has less than 70% of primary school children able to go to school (pins with the dot )
  2. Use google earth or some other map and find a place to build a digitata, it must not be in a city, or densely populated area.
  3. Record the Latitude and Longitude and near by towns
  4. Research the wind and sun conditions in the area or find other means of getting a stable energy supply.
  5. Research about the environment, how people live, what they build with, what is their culture, architectural styles, traditions etc..
  6. (Bonus points if you are able contact with people in the country) 
  7. Design a Digitata. 
  8. Submit your design as soon as possible, giving credit and references.
  9. Update and resubmit, again and again and again. is about sharing knowledge and the working principles of Open Hardware. The competition is for the best ideas, and these ideas need to be shared and develop. So your ideas are beneficial to others and you may benefit from theirs. 

For information about and a basic outline of the design requirements click on the  pin in the map below.

Entry Locations