Summer at Open Minds Preschool

Our summer program runs from late June to late August, with enrollment to fit around every family's schedule. All classes are mixed ages from 2.5 to 5, and students may choose to attend 9am to 1pm two to five days a week for as many weeks as they like.

We travel the world each summer, focusing on a new continent each week, learning about the cultures and geography of the world through our outdoor focused activities. Families who have lived or traveled in other countries often bring in items to show and share.

Many of our summer snacks and lunches are eaten on our shady back porch. We sample Japanese sushi, Indian lentils, South American quinoa and more as we learn what people eat in different parts of the world. Children always amaze us with what they learn to love! (Plenty of familiar foods like summer fruit, pasta, and beans ensure that our less adventurous eaters don't go hungry.)

With examples from around the world to inspire us, students create some exciting, original artwork! We have tried weaving, stamping, sculpting, drawing and painting in the styles of many world cultures. We look at objects of art acquired abroad, as well as depictions in a wide variety of books.

Music and Dance
One of the richest forms of cultural expression is music, and we enjoy delving into everything all of it, whether for an inspiring atmosphere as we create our artwork, or by jumping and dancing to irresistible world beats. Children around the world play singsong musical games (think "London Bridge") and we learn which ones we love the most.

With help from our well traveled families, we have collected words and phrases in a multitude of languages, and the children are astoundingly quick to learn them! You might expect to be greeted by your child in Mandarin Chinese, Gaelic, or Hindi when you come to take them back home.

Picture books are one of our favorite ways to immerse ourselves in foreign lands. Nonfiction books supply us with imagery and information, while the stories that take place on the other side of the world help us see that for all of our differences, humans are humans and children are children, wherever you might go.