Open Minds Preschool               Parents

Parents play an important part at school. On average, we have one parent helper each day.


Parents come in one morning each month to help in the school. A typical parent helper shift consists of helping with everything from reading stories to helping with coats and shoes to refilling art supplies.

What if I'm not available during the hours my child is in school?

No problem! Parents are welcome to make alternate arrangements. A few examples we've enjoyed have been: sewing or making other items for school, handyman repair jobs, performing for the kids, gardening, cooking (on site), or redecorating. For the especially busy parents (or months), we allow "opting out" of helper shifts for a small fee.

What if want to spend more time with my child at school?

Great! Parents are always welcome at Open Minds. We have enjoyed parents, grandparents and nannies who come in frequently to read, play music or do other kinds of activities with the children. Our community is enriched by your contributions!

What about my other child? Should I leave her with a babysitter?

Please bring your baby! We don't want you spending time away from one child in order to be there for another. We enjoy seeing babies, toddlers, and the occasional older sibling at school. Parents of morning nappers sometimes split their shifts, coming in for just half of the morning, twice as often.