Open Minds Preschool             Our Students

We serve children ages 2.5 to 5 years, and warmly welcome all races and ethnicities. Children who are new to preschool usually enter our Tuesday-Thursday class, which focuses on developing the language, behavioral and social skills for success among friends and apart from parents. Our pre-K class on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays serves children who are ready to delve into projects and explorations of a variety of topics, building skills in early literacy, number concepts, scientific inquiry and more. Our kindergarten is tailored to children turning 5 in summer and fall, who may graduate on to mainstream kindergarten or to first grade. Kindergarteners join the larger classes in the mornings for a rich social experience, and then spend the afternoons in a small group focused on early academic skills. We strive to maintain a balance of boys and girls in each class.

Toilet time is part of our daily routine, but children are welcome to begin in diapers if they are not fully toilet trained. They tend to catch on very quickly to what their peers are doing.

Many of the children enjoy spending time together outside school as well, which contributes to strong, healthy friendships. Families often set up group outings, play dates and babysitting swaps through our online discussion group.

Oregon law now requires schools to share vaccination rates with the public. You can view our most recent rates here