Open Minds Preschool            Our Routine

The following is the flexible guideline we follow. Our pre-K class spends more time in group activities, as we are able to move more quickly through transition times.

Our kindergarten students join with the pre-K for the morning routine, followed by an hour and a half of small group time focusing on literacy games, math activities, reading and writing practice, social studies, and science experiments.

9:00-9:45   Arrival, choice time

Parents sign their children in, while children stow their belongings, and choose from art activities, toys, books, or puzzles. At the end of this time, we clean up and come together for a story.

9:45-10:00   Morning jobs

Daily assigned jobs are performed: table washing, table setting, the basket of shoes is taken to the back door in preparation for outdoor time, the aquarium fish are fed.

10:00-10:30   Snack

Children wash hands and gather in the dining room for snacks. We serve organic, vegetarian foods that conform to the USDA nutrition standards for children.

  Morning circle

Children gather in the reading room for calendar, stories, songs, dancing, games, or lessons led by the teachers or a parent volunteer. We often follow this with an art activity at the table.

11:00-12:00   Outdoor time (rain or shine!)

Children play in the back yard , or take a group walk in the neighborhood. Favorite activities include trikes, the climbing structure, hula hoops, chalk and gardening.

12:00-12:30   Lunch

Children wash hands, set the table, and serve and eat lunch. After eating, each child clears his or her place and returns to the reading room to look at books.

12:30-1:00   Closing circle,  going home

The table is cleared and children return to the reading room. We read stories and prepare to go home. Parents may pick up their children any time between 12:30 and 1:00.