Open Minds Preschool  

Our Environmental Commitment


Open Minds Preschool strives both to create a minimal environmental impact in its daily operation, and to contribute towards raising the next generation of conscious inhabitants of the earth. In addition to meeting the requirements of the "Ecohealthy Child Care" designation through the Oregon Environmental Council, we put the following objectives into practice:

  • We participate in the Blue Sky clean energy program through our electric company, Pacific Power. In 2013, our Blue Sky purchase avoided the release of 10218 pounds of carbon dioxide, the environmental equivalent of planting 120 trees or not driving 11,000 miles.

  • We have installed several Energy Star high efficiency appliances.

  • Our rain barrel diverts water from storm drains and provides us with water for back yard play and watering plants.

  • Passive cooling from our shady back porch keeps us comfortable without using air conditioning on all but the very hottest summer days.

  • We garden with the children, encouraging them to enjoy the outdoors and to eat fresh homegrown foods, including several kinds of berries and vegetables.

  • We serve snacks and lunches made from organically grown ingredients. Organic agriculture preserves water and soil quality, avoiding the need for toxic chemicals.

  • We limit plastic toys, and we buy many of our toys and books used.

  • We serve meals "family style," teaching children to take small portions at a time, to discourage food waste.

  • We serve food and water in sturdy enamelware, stainless steel, and glass dishes, never plastic or disposable products.

  • We meet the sanitation requirement for single-use hand drying towels by using small cloth towels (quarters of washcloths), never paper towels. We also use cloth for napkins, cleaning, and wiping noses.

  • We use natural and nontoxic cleaning products, and avoid chemical scents.

  • We recycle as much as we can. Milk cartons, cardboard boxes, and many other items are put to creative reuse, and paper scraps are always recycled. Many children aren't even aware of the garbage can's existence.