OpenMetrics technology components are ready-to-use building blocks for financial engineering, well tested and used in production for industry clients. 

  • Latest Technology: OpenMetrics Solutions offers a broad portfolio of – partially unique – financial engineering technologies.
  • Model Transparency: In contrast to many other players, we disclose the mathematical concepts behind our solutions and are open for challenging and benchmarking these. Our strength is in dominating the „last mile“ of implementing these concepts.
  • Speed: Based on our rich technology framework, we are capable of implementing complex solutions in very short time.
  • Open Source: We work mainly with open source industry standards (e.g. R, Python).
We provide our technology components typically as a cloud based service ("Quant-as-a-Service" of QaaS), which saves implementation costs and reduces time-to-market significantly. 

In cases where custom implementations within own IT infrastructure are required, we support all project phases, from design to implementation. The main advantage for our customers is immediate access to the newest methodologies and algorithms in quantitative finance, without having to invest in own research and development.