Technology Components

OpenMetrics technology components are ready-to-use building blocks for financial engineering, well tested and used in production for industry clients. 

We provide our technology components typically as a cloud based service ("Quant-as-a-Service" of QaaS), which saves implementation costs and reduces time-to-market significantly. In cases where custom implementations within own IT infrastructure are required, we support all project phases, from design to implementation. The main advantage for our customers is immediate access to the newest methodologies and algorithms in quantitative finance, without having to invest in own research and development.

Market Risk Signals
Our advanced risk management technologies offer a significant value for the financial industry by providing an early warning for upcoming market turbulences and are faster than traditional risk indicators.
The generated risk signals can be used for hedging of existing investment vehicles (risk management overlay), directly trigger investment decisions and many other applications. The main application field is the financial industry - however, not limited to it. Other potential application areas are e. g.: Analysis of changes in customer behavior, credit card transactions and many more.

Simulation Technology
The process of developing new investment strategies is becoming  increasingly complex. Only by using high-precision simulations it is possible to manage the increasing number of variants and ever shorter development cycles in a permanently changing market environment. In scientific domains (such as in Physics), working with realistic simulations has been a standard for decades. Nowadays, without such simulations, the financial sector is no longer competitive. Even if trust in the investment adviser and the institute behind it is – and will continue to be – the most relevant aspect of relationships in the financial industry, technological simulation and consulting capacities are no longer only necessary for high net-worth clients, but already a must of every investment consultation. We do not only provide investors with advanced risk management tools, we also help to optimize the application of these. Challenge us!