Our advanced risk management technologies offer a significant value for the financial industry by providing an early warning for upcoming market turbulences and are faster than traditional risk indicators.
The generated risk signals can be used for protection purposes of existing investment vehicles (risk management overlay), directly trigger investment decisions and many other applications. The main application field is the financial industry - however, not limited to it. Other potential application areas are e. g.: Analysis of changes in customer behavior, credit card transactions and many more.

Potential User Groups & Use Cases for OpenMetrics Solutions Advanced Risk Indicators:
Investment Managers/ Pension Funds - Wealth protection & hedging, managing market exposure and portfolio management
Index Providers - Risk indicators can serve as a basis for new indices
Data Vendors - Next generation of information products
Structured Product Issuers - Risk indicators can serve as a basis for new "Smart Beta" products (certificates, ETFs)
Banks/ Robo-Advisors -  Extension of own services, automated protection layer for fund offerings
Exchanges - Risk based indices can serve as a basis for new derivatives (options, futures)
Clearing Houses/ Clearing Members - Risk signals for margin calculation
Financial Infrastructure - Risk indicators can help to prepare for unexpected market moves
Credit Card Issuers - Fast detection of pattern changes in transaction series
Large Scale B2B & B2C Business - Fast detection of pattern changes in customer behavior & pricing strategy

      Our target products & services structure is comprised by five business segments:
      1. Data Analysis & Signal Generation
      2. Index Products
      3. Consulting Services
      4. Technology Licensing
      5. Education & Trainings

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