OpenMetrics Solutions LLC is a technology company with a focus on risk management and financial engineering, based on latest academic research developed at ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich) and affiliated universities. We offer cutting edge risk management and portfolio optimization technologies to the financial industry.

Our Mission

  • Our mission is to be the leading provider of risk management solutions for the financial industry, based on most recent academic research and open source technologies.
  • Our aim is to develop best-in-class methodologies for capital preservation and provide an efficient implementation of these.
  • In order to achieve this mission, we permanently dedicate a significant share of our resources to support academia and open source initiatives in all relevant fields.


The Econophysics Group is located at the Institute for Theoretical Physics (ITP) at ETH Zurich. Since more than a decade it was the home base for quantitative research and development of statistical, mathematical and numerical methods to analyze and answer problems in economics. Based on the academic groundwork of Tobias Setz and his former academic sponsor Prof. Diethelm Würtz, a series of publications from the Econophysics Group received extremely positive feedback from the financial industry and confirmed that there is a demand for ready-to- use, advanced risk management solutions and financial engineering components.

OpenMetrics Solutions LLC, approved as ETH-Spin-Off
November 2016 OpenMetrics Solutions LLC has been approved as ETH-Spin-Off by the ETH Zürich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich).

In Memoriam

Prof. Dr. Diethelm Würtz (✝28 July 2016). Diethelm was an active professor at the Institute for Theoretical Physics (ITP) at ETH Zurich and PhD supervisor of Tobias Setz until July 2016. He mainly focused on the application of advanced methods from statistics and physics in Finance. He was the founder of the Rmetrics Association and the well known associated R-package family - an extensive finance expansion of the statistical programming language R. Diethelm published several books, which are available through www.rmetrics.org and was teaching at the ITP "Computational Science and Financial Engineering".

Our Home-Base

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