Transitional Kindergarten Track

WHY a Transitional Kindergarten Track?

At times our teachers will notify us that a certain student appears to be developing in most areas above grade level.  Other times, our parents begin these conversations with us.  In response to this, we now offer a TK Track for preschoolers who would benefit from being with a class one year above their grade level.  This change from our regular track prepares students to finish their last year with us in the Transitional Kindergarten class.

WHEN can children join this track?

Eligible children may join this track at any time while in our 1s, 2s & 3s classes, however it is NOT required in order to register for our Transitional Kindergarten class when a child is four years old by August 31.  This track is simply designed to give parents another option for preschoolers who may thrive in a more advanced environment. 

HOW can my child join this track?

If you think your child would benefit from this track, please contact us.  We will discuss this with you and your child's current teacher.  If your child has never attended preschool or is new to our preschool, we may request an interview/observation with your child.

Parents may also inform us through the online registration form of their desire to enroll their child in this track.  

Important Notes: 

1) Children in our 1's class should remain in the 1's class for at least six weeks before being considered for the TK Track.

2) Occassionally, children with birthdays close to the cut-off date are allowed in an older grade level due to class availability.  When this occurs, it is expected the child will repeat that grade level, unless accepted into the TK Track.  

3) Changes to this track in the middle of a school year are dependent on openings in other classes.