Transitional Kindergarten Track

WHY a Transitional Kindergarten Track?

At times certain preschoolers appear to develop in most areas above grade level.  While this may not be common, we recognize this need and desire to provide the right setting for these children. 

Our Transitional Kindergarten Track is for students who may benefit by being with a class one year above their grade level.  This prepares students to finish their four-year-old preschool year with us in the Transitional Kindergarten class.

This track is simply designed to give parents another option for preschoolers who may thrive in a more advanced classroom setting.

WHO'S Eligible?

Eligible children typically have prior experience attending preschool and be among the older children in their grade level.  They should be at least two-years-old by the cut-off date of the preschool year in which they join the TK Track.  Additionally, a teacher recommendation form  must be submitted in order to join this program.  

HOW can my child join this track?

If you think your child would benefit from our TK Track, simply contact us.  Parents should also indicate their desire when completing the registration form.  

We will discuss the option of this track with you, and your child's teacher will complete a recommendation form.  Children currently attending a different preschool should contact our office to request the teacher recommendation form be emailed to your child’s teacher.  If your child has never attended preschool we will schedule a time to meet with you and your child.

If accepted, your child’s registration will be changed to the new grade level, dependent upon class availability.

Important Notes: 

1) One-year-old students will only be considered for TK Track if they are currently enrolled in our preschool and their teacher initiates the process for the child to join the program.

2) Children on the TK Track will be re-evaluated by their teacher at the end of the preschool year in order for them to stay in the program.