Math Links

Mad Minute Instructions - tips for using the weekly math homework basic facts practice pages

Partial Sums Algorithm - a written explanation


MAP Math - Use your MAP RIT range to play games to strengthen math skills

Number Sense & Algebra

       Give the Dog a Bone - practice finding numbers on a number grid and help the dog get bones

Connect the dots - Practice counting by 1s, 5s, or counting backwards

            Hundreds Chart Practice - type in your answer to the hundreds chart question, press return. When you are finished type your answer and click the submit and finish button to get your total score.
Expanded Numbers - Show a number three different ways

Number Cracker - Find the missing number in the pattern. Get rewarded with a joke.

Line Dry - find the missing number in the pattern to get the shirts off the line

     Guess the Number - from Fun Brain      
       Base 10 Blocks
                               Making numbers with base 10 blocks

                                Base 10 Blocks practice
            Place Value
                               Place Value Puzzler

                            Collect the Ducks

                                 Balance the weights - Put the right combination of weights on the board to balance the animals

Mystery Number - Challenge - numbers into the millions

What's My Rule & Function Machine Games:

                            Oddball - Select the picture that does not belong with the group

                            Stop That Creature! - 2nd grade challenge level game. Includes negative numbers, multiplication and division as well as subtraction and addition.

                            Function Machine Game - 2nd grade challenge level. Intended for grades 3 & 4.

Basic Facts:

            Tic Tac Toe Squares -  Practice your basic facts (all operations) by playing tic tac toe with the computer

Addition - Basic Facts:

Basic Facts Quiz - Practice your math skills with these addition, subtraction, and multiplication games. This site will show you which problems you did correctly and also tell you how long it took you to do the quiz.

Sums to 20 - with pictures

Number Twins - Practice sums from 4 through 15

Number Twins - Find pairs of numbers that add up to 10.

Complete the addition sentence - Fill in the missing number in the addition number model.

Subtraction - Basic Facts:

Farmer Fred's Pumpkin Patch - help Farmer Fred grow pumpkins for children to pick up

Minko's Milkshake Shop - Subtract to find the correct milkshake to keep the customers happy

Wade's Workout - help Wade get fit for soccer season by exercising and choosing healthy foods

Complete the Subtraction Sentence - Fill in the missing number in the number model


 Matching Money

Counting Money

Count Money up to $1.00 - Count Money up to $5.00

Money games - Practice making a dollar by clicking on "Make a Dollar"

Change Maker - Practice making change

Multiplication Games:

Fish Shop - Practice your multiplication facts by putting the correct fish in the customers bag. Easy, medium, and hard levels.

Pizza Pizzaz - Choose the facts you want to practice and deliver the pizzas to the correct table.

Multiplication Matching - match the multiplication problem with the correct product. The faster you go, the higher your score.


Fraction Flags - Design a flag using halves and quarters

What Is a Fraction? - Game in which you have to identify the fraction pictured and color in a given fraction.

Fraction Beach - Answer questions about fractions to collect buckets of sand to build a sandcastle

 Pizza Party - Tell what fraction of the pizza is left

        Probability Spinner


Double Fun Match - Match the analog clock with the digital clock. Be sure to select "Clocks and Time" from the opening screen

                 Time Clock - Practice showing the time on a clock face

Clockworks - Practice figuring out elapsed time and the time shown on a clock. Challenge level for 2nd grade

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