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Grading Procedures

The trimester P.E. grade has three components equaling 100 points: dress, written work and participation.  For all activities, students are expected to wear their uniform and participate each day. Students are given 80 points at the beginning of each trimester for dress and participation.  Points are subtracted for not dressing and or not participating in class. Participation is assessed by observing the following behaviors in students:  game and drill effort, sportsmanship, cooperation with classroom rules and being tardy to class. Once those points are lost they can only be regained by doing extra credit. Extra credit can be earned for bringing in clean clothes on the first day of the week, or attending early bird P.E. on Thursday mornings at 8:30 am.  Written tests are given with each unit equaling 20 points for the trimester.  Any test can be retaken during the trimester before or after school.