Writing Tools

  • Google Scribe - My new favorite toy!  The website does word prediction as you type!
  • Writing Fun - watch this screencast to see how to use this interactive, online, structured writing tool to help elementary age students write descriptions, narratives, poetry, explanations, procedures, etc.
  • Writing Fix - Interactive Writing Prompts
  • Read/write/think- Interactive digital activities (click the interactive links - there are many to choose from)
  • Online Note-Taking Tool (one of the interactive Read/Write/Think resources)
  • OurStory - online timeline tool
  • Mnemograph - collaborative, online Time Line tools
  • ToonDoo - Online comic strip creator
  • Make Believe Comix - Online comic strip creator.
  • Story Maker - use this with reluctant writers to create a fairy tale
  • Webspiration - Use Webspiration to map out ideas, organize with outlines and collaborate online with teams or colleagues.
  • Mindomo - Mind mapping software.  The basics are free, but if you want more, it cost 6$ a month.
  • Gliffy -  Allows thoughts to be connected after creating bubbles.  Offers many templates such as Venn Diagrams, flow charts and more.