Welcome to a new school year!

Your child is partcipating in a new Illinois initiative called Response to Intervention (Rt
I). A major concern for parents and teachers is how to help students who are struggling in their classroom. RtI is one answer to this issue.

In order to meet your child's learning needs, s/he is eligible to participate in Response to Intervention (RtI). RtI is a federally mandated program that all schools in the state of Illinois must participate in. Response to Intervention is NOT special education. District 97’s RtI model consists of three tiers of instruction/intervention, each tier offering services more intensive than the tier below it. Instruction and interventions are provided by highly-qualified teachers and are research-based, meaning that they have been independently tested and proven to improve student performance in most students.

Brooks Middle School is using Read 180 as part of an intervention plan.  READ 180 is a reading program for students reading below grade level in grades 4 through 12.

There are several components of the READ 180 program including:
  • Software to build skills and provide practice in essential areas such as reading comprehension, fluency, vocabulary, phonics, and spelling.
  • Audiobooks to allow students to read along with the help of a narrator and reading coach, who model strategies used by successful readers.
  • Paperbacks to allow students to select books to read independently. Students will have access to appropriate level, high-interest books.
Together all of these components will help build the skills to become a successful reader. Additionally, studies show that the program also improves a student’s motivation and desire to succeed.

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