October 2018

Welcome to kindergarten!!!  

I just want to say thank you for all of your work and support in helping your child to establish routines and procedures that will help make them successful in kindergarten and in the years that follow.  Please help your child to remember to bring their green folder to class every day.  It helps them to build responsibility, makes it easier to get papers back and forth from home to school, and earns them a sawbuck!  Also, your child should have brought their first book bag home.  Please help your child to practice reading the book in their bag and send it back to school when they are fluent.  They can earn 5 sawbucks for reading this book to someone at school.

Upcoming Events...
*Book orders are due on October 19th
*Halloween parade starts at 9:20 on October 31st
*Halloween party starts at 11:45 on October 31st
*Conferences are November 5-9 (Please sign up on Skyward ASAP)

Take a look at the concepts and learning targets that we will be working to master over the next couple of weeks.

students read

Reading:  Our class is learning about our 5 senses and how they allow us to learn about the environment around us.

Image result for 5 senses                

Math:  We are comparing numbers within 5.  Some important math vocabulary words that we are using are greater, more, less, and fewer.

Writing:  We are still spending some time practicing how to hold our pencil correctly and how to write our name correctly.  We are also learning how to draw a variety of lines so that we can start forming letters in a few weeks. 


Specialist Schedule
Monday: Music
Tuesday: PE
Wednesday: PE
Thursday: Library
Friday: Computers

Thanks again for all that you do!  If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at aoien@onysd.wednet.edu.

Mrs. Oien