February 2019

Welcome to kindergarten!!!  

Please help your child to remember to bring their green folder to class every day.  It helps them to build responsibility, makes it easier to get papers back and forth from home to school, and earns them a sawbuck!  Please remind your child to practice reading the book in their bag and then send it back to school when they are fluent.  They can earn 5 sawbucks for reading this book to someone at school.

Upcoming Events...
*March 22nd: Early Release (End of Quarter)
                       Student of the Month Assembly @ 8:30
*March 25-28: Conferences (Early Release Each Day)
*April 1-5: Spring Break

Take a look at the concepts and learning targets that we will be working to master over the next couple of weeks.

students read

Reading:  We are beginning our unit on Columbus and the Pilgrims.  We will learn about the adventures of Christopher Columbus, the colonies in Native American lands, the voyage on the Mayflower, and the first Thanksgiving.

We have learned every sound in the alphabet except Qq, and are using these sounds to blend words and to read short stories.  We have also learned the digraphs ch and sh.

Our next tricky word is down.

In our few minutes of extra time, we have been reading books by Dr. Seuss and books about leprechauns.

Image result for dr. seuss characters                

Math:  We are learning what the term subtraction means and how to subtract fluently within 10.

Image result for subtraction symbol clipart

Writing: We are now practicing how to write all of the letters in the alphabet correctly.  We are also using the letters and sounds we know to write short phrases and sentences.


Specialist Schedule 
*Please note that this is a change to our schedule*

Monday: Computers
Tuesday: PE
Wednesday: Music
Thursday: PE
Friday: Library

Thanks again for all that you do!  If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at aoien@onysd.wednet.edu.

Mrs. Oien