Ms. Vogel-Wilson

Math Success room 260
Providing intervention math support to students in Kindergarten thru 5th Grade.
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This is my 18th year teaching at Onalaska Elementary school and the second year as LAP Math Intervention Specialist. We are creating an inviting place for students to improve their math skills as they build their confidence and understanding.

We are on a wonderful journey to learning math!

Class schedule:
8:20-9:00 3rd grade
9:15-10:00 2nd grade
10:00-10:45 4th grade
12:15-1:00 1st grade
1:00-1:45 Kindergarten
2:00-2:35  In classroom support
2:35-3:10 5th grade

"Math is not about numbers or the right answer. Math is about discovery and exploring different ways of thinking. It's about teaching students that they can solve anything. And giving them the tools to make it possible."     -Unknown

It is not knowledge but the act of learning, not possessions but the act of getting there, which grants the greatest enjoyment. (Carl Friedrich Gauss-1808)

Number Sense is: ".... good intuition about numbers and their relationships. It develops gradually as a result of exploring numbers, visualizing them in a variety of contexts, and relating them in ways that are not limited by traditional algorithms."
                                                                                        Howden 1989

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No login required or account setup. Also includes subtraction, multiplication and division.
Fluency practice in multiplication
This site is designed for students K-5th grade and focuses on doubles, halves, square numbers, and number bonds, with timed drills in addition, subtraction, mulitplication, and division.