Show & Tell Schedule
  • Monday-Blue Table
  • Tuesday-Green Table
  • Wednesday-Yellow Table
  • Thursday-Orange Table
  • Friday-Red Table

Our Special Classes
Our PE days are Tuesday and Wednesday this quarter. Please make sure your child wears tennis shoes!

Students of the Month
Congratulations to our Students of the Month for September (Respect Month!)
Hannah Gomes and Lucas Ingram, great job!

If you can send a snack (we have 20 students) for the class to share once a month or so, we will always have enough. Thank you to those who have already sent us snack items!
Crackers, pretzels, animal crackers, microwave popcorn, or dry cereals like Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Fruit Loops are some class favorites. We also like string cheese, apples, and bananas.

HALLOWEEN is coming soon! We will have a party on Monday, October 31st. More information will be coming home soon. Since it's an early-release day, the students may wear their costumes to school that day. No masks, weapons, or clown costumes, please.

Don't forget to label your child's coats, sweatshirts, etc., with first and last name! You would be shocked at how many children leave their coats on the playground, etc., and completely forget about them! Also label lunch boxes and backpacks, if your child brings a new one.

Remind your child to tell the teacher if they have a note or money to turn in to the office, food service, or teacher!  They forget very easily! If you send money, please put it in an envelope and label it with your child's name, and the purpose for the money. I have already been handed cash this year by a child who had no idea what it was for.

We use a wonderful Learning Skills curriculum in our school, which we love!  In kindergarten the goals are to have good learning habits such as listening well, focusing attention, having empathy for others, and self-control of our own behaviors.  The children love the puppets, Puppy and Snail, who help demonstrate the skills, and they love the games and activities which make the learning come alive!  We also have added Be-Calm Bunny who only sits with quiet children, and lets them know to listen when it's someone else's turn to talk. Mrs. Oien's and Mrs. Wentzel's classes join us every Monday for a new lesson. We love having company!

October is Fire Safety Month
On Tuesday, October 11th, we got to tour the "Smoke House" to practice how to exit a house if there is a fire. We crawled under the smoke, felt the door to see if it was hot, and then crawled out a window to simulate a real emergency. We also got to see an ambulance and fire truck up close.

On Thursday, October 13th, our class was visited by members of the Onalaska and Salkum Fire Departments. They talked to the students about fire safety, including what to do if there is a fire in your home. It is important to have a plan to exit your home, and have a safe meeting place if you should every have a fire.

Exciting News!  Our class won the fire safety bulletin board contest sponsored by the fire departments of Salkum and Onalaska. We have won a pizza party! The students are so excited!
THANK YOU to our firefighters!

We will have Earthquake Drill on October 20th. The students and staff will practice "Drop, Cover, and Hold."

We will also practice exiting the building to a school bus, and practice a bus evacuation drill. Even if your child doesn't ride the bus, there will be field trips, so all children need to know the procedures for bus safety.