March 21, 2019
Middle School and Kinder Kids, Team Up.

What do kindergarten students and middle school kids have in common? A knack for reading and learning from each other with the guidance of their teachers.

Since the start of the 2018 school year Kindergarten teachers, Mrs. Oien, Ms. Petrino, Mrs. Wentzel, and 6th grade teacher Mrs. Richardson have been working together to help bridge the gap of learning every Thursday by having both age groups come together to read and learn from each other.

The middle school students are in a "Leadership" club and volunteer their time in the Kinder classrooms as learning buddies by reading, helping with math, and writing. Middle school students learn the importance of volunteering. They also receive service award points in hopes of attending WeDay in April, which is a celebration party to honor students who make a difference by giving back.

March 14, 2019
OHS Art Department Kicks It Up A Notch.

The HS art program, under the direction of Mr. Joseph Steketee, has OHS students studying artist Ed Hopper, product design, artist Andy Warhol, Americana, barn quilts, murals and more.

Bottle DesignEdward Hopper studyMural Study

Check out Mr. Steketee's website for more. 

Spring Events:
  • Senior Scholarship Dinner, March 23, HS Gym
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences, March 25-29
  • HS Band at Lower Columbia March 26-27
  • HS Choir at Lower Columbia March 28
  • EMS Spring Book Fair, March 25-29, volunteers needed
  • April 1-5 Spring Break
  • Preschool/Kinder Screening, April 16
  • 2019-2020 Calendar (partial)

March 12, 2019
Leadership Council Benefit, a Huge Success.

Leadership dinner1
Last Saturday, the OHS Leadership Council organized and hosted a donation only spaghetti feed. The dinner earned over $1900, which will be donated to several local families battling cancer. 

The event was organized by Onalaska High School Leadership Council, with the goal of serving the community – a pillar of "The Ony Way". The fundraiser was the brainchild of Hayli Howard, who presented the idea to the council and delegated the various moving parts. 

Leadership dinner
Highlighting the evening was the outstanding entertainment provide by Clarissa Gifford. The very talented entertainer, along with her husband Doug, have several children in the Onalaska School District. One of their daughters, Savannah, is an outstanding soccer player and member of the Leadership Council.

The Leadership Council would like to thank the following businesses and individuals for kindly donating gifts, supplies and services: Nana & Papa’s Place, The Logger Burger Bar, Les Schwab, Buzz & Blooms, Safeway, Jackson Prairie Church, New Beginnings Community Church.

March 7, 2019
Second Grade Students Make Persuasive Speeches.

Onalaska second graders delivered their historical persuasive speeches to their classmates. In this clip, Cohen is trying to persuade James Madison against going to war with Great Britain, in 1812, due to the potential interruption of trade. Nice work, Cohen.

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