Welcome to the Onalaska Middle School Special Education Department! 

Here, in the Special Education Department, we work with students who have an Individual Education Plan (IEP). This IEP is written with the help of an IEP team, which includes the Parent, the Student (if old enough), the Special Education Teacher, the General Education Teacher, and an Administrator. IEPs are reviewed annually and every three years for re-evaluation of services by state and federal law.

The areas of service depend on the students needs but can include:



Written Expression

Social/Emotional skills

Adaptive skills

Life skills

Students are placed in their Least Restrictive Environments (LRE). This means that they are placed in the educational area that is best suited for their learning needs. It is our understanding that students excel when learning with their peers, therefore, we strive to place them in general education as much as possible. However, instances where general education may not be the ideal environment for student learning, we provide a place that may better suit individual educational development in the Learning Center. The Learning Center provides students with the ability to work together in small groups, to master their foundation skills and IEP goals, helping them to get back to their general education core classes and their LRE.

We strive to eliminate the learning gap for our students. We do this through rigorous work in their serviced area. We use curriculum that is aimed at their skill level to help them with any missing foundation skills.

This work mirrors, at times, what the student sees in their general education classes. We will work on a class novel in Language Arts, we will look at grade level mathematical problems  to prepare our students for their general education class, and we will work on writing in creative and adapted ways.

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