Herold Observatory

NEWS: We have finally had a chance to test our new Mallincam astronomical video camera, in the wee hours of the morning during our all-nighter to view the Perseid meteor shower; I apologize to all that we were not able to get the camera up and running sooner, but we were able to get some great color images on the projection screen inside the science center.  Take a look at the calendar entry for August 12, 2012 for more details.  - Ed Herold.
The Herold Observatory houses a 24" telescope. We view galaxies, nebula, star clusters, planets, and the moon. 
The telescope was specifically engineered to be low to the ground to make it easier for school age astronomers, as well as college students and adults, to see the wonders of the night sky.  All viewing is from a standard chair on rollers - no step ladders or risers needed here!  The chair is rolled out of the way when wheelchair use is desired.
The observatory is open on Friday and Saturday nights, IF it is mostly clear. Be sure to call (360-330-1745) if a different day works better for you, particularly if moon and planet viewing is high on your list. Leave a number for arranging other viewing days.
Map - Take Highway 508 east for 8 miles from I-5; take Carlisle Ave left (north), and take another left (west) at the north end of the Onalaska elementary-middle school complex (6th St W). To the right of the red building's mural, there is an opening in the fence about midway along the fence. After going through this opening, walk across the soccer field to the dome. There is also a neon open sign visible from Carlisle Ave.
Check the calendar and phone line often, as we are often open on other clear, moonless nights.