August 18, 2019

Our first unit is on Nursery Rhymes.
  We are reading all kinds of different Nursery Rhymes.

In reading we are working on first, middle, and final sounds of words. 
We are also learning to write words using all the letter sounds.  Also practicing correct letter formation.
We have learned every sound in the alphabet, and are using these sounds/letters to blend words and to read short stories.  Also writing in a journal where we are using those skills to write sentences.
We are now learning digraphs: 
     ch, and sh.
Tricky Words: one, two, three, blue, look, yellow, a, are, little, funny, I, when, word, all, and down.  

Math:  Finishing up our lessons on teen numbers.  Reviewing the signs (minus) - and (equal) =.  We are showing various ways to find a difference and/or the sum.  Also doing subtraction.
New concept is sorting, then 2D/3D shapes.   

Events coming up:
*September  -  
*September  - 

Book Orders
If you would like to place an order, you may send in the order form with your student or place the order online.  Our online order code is GLF4Y.  

Don't Forget!  Save those Boxtops!

            *Here are the newsletters:

Father's Day is June 16th.

Snacks:  The school day is long for little ones; therefore I like to do snacks each day in my classroom. With this being said, it is important that your child has a nice big breakfast every morning, as our snack is in the afternoon. If you are able to donate classroom snacks anytime throughout the year, that would be much appreciated. Healthy snacks that are easy to distribute would be best. Examples include, crackers, cereal, fruit snacks, goldfish, or granola bars. Please let me know if your child has an allergy to certain foods. Please note, if no snacks are donated, then there will be no snack time. Thank you for understanding. 

Good PracticeMath fact fluency and sight word fluency are foundational blocks in our students' success with math and reading. Did you know that 75% of the words in children's books are sight words? Did you know that a strong number sense, including basic math fact fluency, will lay the foundation for the success in mathematics?

*In December, we began a project in conjunction with our high school Fisheries students and their teacher, Mr. Hoffman. The high schoolers brought over rainbow trout and we have been taking care of them to then be released back to the hatchery in the lake.  Kindergarteners are finding out that it isn't easy to keep them alive.  The tanks were cleaned and we now have cat fish. We will continue to collaborate with our high school mentors through the end of the school year.  The students really like watching the fish.  

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