2018-2019 2nd Grade

Classroom Information


The school day can be long for little ones; therefore I like to do snacks each day in my classroom. With this being said, it is important that your child has a nice big breakfast every morning, as our snack will most likely be in the afternoon. If you are able to donate classroom snacks anytime throughout the year, that would be much appreciated. Healthy snacks that are easy to distribute would be best. Examples include, crackers, cereal, fruit snacks, goldfish, or granola bars. Please let me know if your child has an allergy to certain foods. Please note, if no snacks are donated, then there will be no snack time. Thank you for understanding. 

Important Dates:
May 1st
Community Dinner from 5-7

May 13th
Muffins for Moms

May 31st
SOTM Assembly

Behavior Expectations

I strongly believe in holding kids accountable for their actions and giving them the power of choice. In our classroom we use a behavior chart with 5 levels to monitor behavior. Every child will start each day at the top of the chart, which is the purple level. Throughout the day they have the choice of where they end up. Depending on behavior, they can move up or down the chart. Below I have listed the different colors and their consequences.

Purple- Great behavior!!

Yellow-Good behavior

Green-5 minutes on the wall during recess

Red- 10 minutes on the wall during recess.

Blue-Full loss of afternoon recess and loss of Fab Friday and parent contact if needed.

With this being said, I still follow the PBIS behavior model that is school-wide here in Onalaska. Your child will be given a folder. This folder will contain all notes, homework, finished work, and behavior charts that are important for you to see. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO CHECK THIS FOLDER EVERY DAY AFTER SCHOOL, AND DO NOT FORGET TO SEND IT BACK WITH YOUR CHILD IN THE MORNING. On the inside cover of this folder you will see a daily behavior chart to let you know how your child’s day was. Please initial each day so I know that you have seen this folder.


Happy May!!

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On Fridays, I will set aside a 20-25 minute block for Fab Friday. Fab Friday is an EARNED activity where the students get to play games and take a little break from the exhausting week. 
Also, Fridays are either purple and gold day or Blue Friday to support the Seahawks! 

I have several means of communicating with parents. They include:
  • Class Dojo
  • Email
  • Phone Calls
  • Weekly Newsletters
  • Written Notes
*Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.