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September 4, 2020

Message from Dennis Bower – District Athletic Director

The Status of Middle School & High School Sports

March 13, 2020! Who would have ever thought this would be the last day of high school interscholastic sports! I didn’t see it coming. I thought, personally, we would take 14 days off and get ahead of this terrible virus. Then our coaches would be back doing what they do best – coaching our student-athletes. Sports create lifelong relationships and teach our kids life skills such as collaboration, goal setting, work ethics, being part of a team and above all, enjoying their teammates and experiencing the joys competition brings to life.

Here we are, six months later and we are still locked out from what we enjoy best. Our student athletes are suffering. A recent study done by the University of Wisconsin Health Organization, shows student athletes are battling anxiety and various forms of depression (see link to study below). We all know the benefits of athletics in terms of academics, emotional well-being and as mentioned above the teaching of life skills you cannot learn in the classroom. It is evident we need to get our kids back on the playing fields and courts.

Right now everything is shut down as strongly suggested by the Governor. Lewis county is at high risk and we all realize the safety of our kids and staff is of upmost importance. Until we get a head of the pandemic and the spreading of this serious virus, we will continue to refrain from school activities.

That being said, you might have seen some activities on campus. Youth soccer is practicing right now, but this is a separate organization outside the guidelines of the WIAA and school sanctioned sports. They are under the jurisdiction of Lewis County Health Department and largely because they are outdoors, they are able to practice. Likewise, you might see kids playing on the outdoor courts and families playing tennis and pickle ball, but again they are separate from the schools.

Nevertheless, we plan to play middle school and high school sports this school year. The WIAA and our local leagues, have planned several scenarios to start up, all depending on the virus and when it is safe to open up our facilities. I have enclosed the link to the plans created by the WIAA and member schools for athletics. We have designed four seasons, however, season one will not take place this fall, due to the virus and the fact that many of our schools and their respective counties are not in position to play. Season one will shift to another time. Right now, we are waiting on word from the WIAA regarding post season events for each sport and once we receive some direction we will build schedules for each sport. Please refer to the district website and high school pages on athletics for up to date announcements. 

The current plan is to start the season 2 with practice beginning December 27th. There will be modifications to the practice requirements. Games can begin January 4th. All the seasons will be shortened, usually lasting 7 weeks. allowing for all sports. The final season, (Season 4) will most likely end June 26th. Again, all of these plans are flexible, and as we have done throughout this pandemic, we might have to adjust and pivot. The number one goal is for us to get kids back playing but to do so where everyone is safe!

Middle School sports plan to start in January. If we are back in the school buildings and all of our member schools are cleared to play, we may get to start them in December. WIAA has already agreed to this given the guidelines mentioned above. This will help with scheduling facilities and obtaining officials to officiate these sports. The official associates are anticipating 30% fewer officials to officiate due to the pandemic. Needless to say, there are many layers to planning and implementing sports we didn’t initially realize. I will keep everyone updated and informed on this. Middle School, like the High School sports will play a modified and shortened season. 

For right now, parents should make sure their student athlete’s physicals are up to date. Due to the pandemic, we are extending the duration of physicals from the usual 13 months to 2 years. I have gone on Final Forms and extended all the physicals to this one-time, 2-year grace period. However, this applies for only the date of the physical on file. Please go on Final Forms and check. In addition, please should sign up your children on Final Forms (found on the school website under athletics). Be sure to have both parents and student-athletes complete and sign on all the forms.

I want to thank our coaches, parents, and community for your patience in dealing with this pandemic. It has been a trying time, but I am very optimistic we are going to get through this, and ultimately get our kids back to playing. Please be safe, and if you have any questions please reach out to me.

More Than Two-Thirds of High School Athletes Report Anxiety and Depression Since Pandemic




2020-2021 WIAA Modified Sports Season Calendar [ALL DATES ARE TENTATIVE]


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