What's NCF?

Northern Christian Fellowship (NCF) is a body of passionate followers of Jesus Christ. Our goal is to create opportunities for people in all places of their journey towards a Christ-like life to grow and to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to those who have not heard it. We believe that everything starts with love, and so we strive to show Christ's love in all that we do. We use small groups, discipleship pairs, and a weekly large group meeting (TNT) to help people grow closer to God, so that they, in turn, will go spread the good news. We believe that forgiveness and grace are found in Christ alone, and we earnestly seek Him with all of our hearts, for He alone is worthy of our praise. It is our prayer that people will find the love, hope, and joy that only a life with Christ can give us.

Our Purpose

NCF promotes fellowship among Christians and encourages students to share their faith with those who do not yet know Christ as their savior. NCF, while being deeply rooted in fellowship, recognizes that faith is an individual commitment and that no amount of fellowship can compensate for a lack of faith. NCF encourages students to deepen their own walk with the Lord Jesus Christ and keep God at the heart of all that they do. The purpose of Northern Christian Fellowship is to be an ambassador for the Lord Jesus Christ as God incarnate, having these major objectives:

  1. To lead others to personal faith in Christ as Lord and Savior.
  2. To help Christians grow toward maturity as disciples of Christ, by study of the Bible, by prayer, and in Christian fellowship.
  3. To prepare students and faculty to take active roles in their local churches.
  4. To equip students and faculty to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with others.

If you have any questions about NCF or would like more info about anything that is not addressed here, please contact one of the officers (see the "Contact Us" page or email one of us directly).

Weekly Challenge

1.    Pick 1 person to specifically wittiness to over the summer. This can be a family member or someone you work with. Reminder: Witness to all, but this is just something to help focus and have a good starting point.

2.    Pray! Pray about everything but again specifically weekly dose is suggested at 1 hour+. Pray every day about everything but in this case set aside an hour each week to sit back and focus on God in prayer.

3.    So God's word is living active and it’s amazing how the same passage can teach again and again in different ways each time. So on that note pick a paragraph from Scripture and memorize it! Its tough but it is amazing to see what God can do. If you’re looking for ideas try a psalm... Start small and work your way up. DON'T just memorize this passage but think about it and pray about it asking God what He wants to teach you and other through it!