Dr. Catherine L.E. Young


Ph.D: Biology, University of Notre Dame, 2009
B.S.: Biology, Emory University, 2002
B.A.: Anthropology, Emory University, 2002
Courses Taught:

Epidemiology (BIOL 2551)-- offered each spring, this course focuses on the study of how diseases spread, the risk factors associated with health and disease, and the tools used to study them.  This course is required for the minor in Public Health.  Prerequisites: Biology 121, 1201, or 1311.

Introductory Biology (BIOL 1201)-- offered both fall and spring semesters, this course covers the same material as BIOL 1311, but with less intensive laboratory emphasis.  BIOL 1201 provides a broad introduction to the principles of general biology for students enrolled in pharmacy, exercise physiology, and other life science programs.  Biology majors should take BIOL 1311; non-science majors seeking a science course are advised to take BIOL 2011.

Nutrition, Nature, and Nations (TREX 1001)-- offered in fall for incoming freshmen, this course focuses on the science of food, from the chemistry and physiology of nutrition to problems of ecology, psychology, and economics.  Fulfills TREX requirement; tagged for Critical & Creative Thinking.

Anatomy & Histology Lab (BIOL 1361)-- offered in spring, this dissection lab accompanies the Anatomy & Histology lecture course (BIOL 1341).  The lab focuses on gross anatomy through dissection of the cat, and histology (microscopic anatomy of tissues) through examination of prepared slides.

Medical entomology, ecological aspects of public health, women's health


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