Shipping Assistant (Parsons, KS)

Baking Accessories Manufacturer - Shipping Assistant (full-time, reduced summer hours) 

Job Responsibilities:
  • Pull inventory for orders
  • Package products and orders
  • Package and seal icing decorations
  • Stock shelves
  • Unpack freight
Other responsibilities may include answering the phone, contacting customers, and assisting in the manufacturing facility.

Great attention to detail and basic computer knowledge required. Must be organized and able to work independently. Able to lift 45 lbs. Experience in customer service and inventory management a plus. 

Applicants must be approximately 20 miles or less from Parsons, KS. This is one of two positions we currently have available (the other position is for a Metal Worker). *ONLY* apply for the position you feel you are best qualified for. 

Salary: $8.25/hr - $9.50/hr (Depending on Experience)

We are an exclusively on-line retailer/manufacturer of 2,100+ unique items. We believe we are the world's leading retailer/manufacturer of durable cookie cutters, and aim to be the leading e-commerce site for quality cookie baking and decorating supplies. We have been in business for 27 years, and have experienced steady annual growth since opening our on-line store a decade ago. We have 12 employees and are located in Parsons, KS. 

Company Facts:
  • Unique, stable, and profitable family owned small business.
  • Friendly and respectful team of 12 workers, most of whom have been with us for several years.
  • Some flexibility of hours, though typically you would not be allowed to work evenings or weekends.
  • Generally low stress, yet busy work environment.
  • Climate controlled indoor work environment.
  • 5 or 6 paid holidays per year, no paid vacation.
  • Fully equipped kitchen/break room with TV, shaded outdoor break area with seating.
  • We offer no health insurance benefits.
If interested, please email references and resume/work history as text in an email or as an email file attachment to: