How can I help my child at home?

As with any educational program, encourage your child and demonstrate interest in what your child is learning, find ways to expose your child to French language and culture outside of school time, borrow French books from the public library, listen to children's music by French artists, watch some French television programs, or attend local cultural events.

Continue to foster your child’s first language by reading to your child every day. Not only does this develop your child’s world knowledge and vocabulary, but instills a love of language and literature, laying the ground work for life-long learning in French, English or any other languages!

Go here for a short PowerPoint presentation of information relating to struggling learners and the French Immersion program.

Are you considering transferring your child out of French Immersion? This is an excellent article written by a professor at the University of Alberta that answers a number of questions parents have to face.

The 2013-14 Annual Report of the Comox Valley Canadian Parents for French is available by clicking here.