What is the Vision

The Vision
 is the newsletter of the Higher Education Office at Island School and is the main source of communication from the Higher Education Team to keep you up to date with relevant information on Higher Education and possible pathways beyond school.

How often does it come out?

The  Vision  comes out weekly via email to Year 10, 11, 12 and 13 students and to their parents in Terms 1 and in Term 2 until Chinese New Year.  For the remainder of the school year the Vision comes out every two weeks.

If you don't get a copy by email but would like to receive one simply email us at careers@online.island.edu.hk and we will arrange to have your name included on the list or you can find the latest issue on this page and recent issues under attachments.  All newsletters are identified by date and are to be found by clicking the links in the sidebar.

What topics does it cover?

In the 
 Vision  you will find application information, information about upcoming university visits and events here at Island School as well as events on in HK, interesting developments and new courses being offered, scholarships and more…And if you ever want to know more about anything mentioned in the  Vision  –come and see us in the Higher Education Office in room 716.