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The ISPTA committee meets on the second Monday of each month. 

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Latest News

EGM / Monthly Meeting ( 2017.02.13 )

EGM / Monthly meeting 2017.02.13

Career Fair 2016 ( 2016.05.31)

Career Fair 2016.05.31

Spring Cultural Fair 2016.04.15

Winter Fair 2015.11.14

Winter Fair Silent Auction online bidding has started !
To place bid, please send email to isptalauction@gmail.com specifying lot #, bidding price & your contact info.
Have a great time bidding these amazing items !

2015/16 A.G.M. Photo

IS PTA AGM 2015.09.21

2015/16 A.G.M. ( 21th September 2015 )

PTA Membership 2015/16School Bus 2015/16, Uniform Order form 2015/16 details & application forms are now available.

Y9 Parents Lunch 2015.06.12
Y9 Parent Rep. Ms. Jessie Yung kindly coordinated a most enjoyable Peking Duck lunch for Y9 Island School Parents in Causeway Bay on 12 June 2015. In attendance were: Jessie, Jeff, Boon, Nui, Lakshmi, Natalie, Michele, Galina, Stephen, Angela, Andy, Shirley, Jenny, Shalini, Jenny, Cecilia, Toni, Giovanna, Gen-Ching, Rosalyn, Catherine, Teresa, & Mavis.  Can you match the names to the faces?

Y9 Parents Lunch 2015.06.12

Y13 Parents Dinner @ AMC
Margaret Ma & Michelle Tse (ISPTA Y13 Parent Reps) organized an amazing dinner at the Aberdeen Marina Club just subsequent to a pre-dinner cocktail reception with our Year 13 students. Congratulations to the graduates and parents of the Class of 2015!

2015 Y13 Parents' dinner @ AMC

The Y13's Graduation Dinner Cocktail Reception !

2015 Y13 Graduation Dinner Cocktail Reception

2015 Island School Careers Fair
Congrulations to Island School HE team & ISPTA Careers Subcommittee - Angela Wong, Swapna Kotkar and Stephen Chu. Around 40 different booths along with 5 talks give students a glimpse of what various careers are like and have some of their questions answered. Thank you for all the hard work and support from ISPTA parent volunteers ! "A real Island School community event" - Mr. Chris Binge 

Student Volunteers from Divici (Last Name only):  
Bentall    Chisulo    Hatterer    Ho-Jung    Law    McLean    Pinfold    Pollock    Tam

Student Volunteers from Einstein (Last Name only):  
Chan    Doolaramani    He     Ho    Or    Shaik Ismail    Wong

Student Volunteers from Fleming (Last Name only):   
Alvarez    Bhojwani    Chan    Halbertsma    Kang    Kapur    Lai    Leung     Makino    Ngan    Patel    Pursram    Wijeyekoon

Student Volunteers from Nansen (Last Name only):  
Chan    Cho    Ho    Makhija    Maniyar    Maniyar    Maniyar    Meijer    Meijer    Meijer    Nishikiori    Shabat    Urch    Wong

Student Volunteers from Rutherford (Last Name only):  
Lam    Mack     Patel    Po    Wong    Yik

Student Volunteers from Wilberforce (Last Name only):   
Chan    Cheung    Donoghue    Gupta    Halldin    Karbassian    Kelly    Townson    Wathall

Sharing from students for the Career Fair 2015

Student article about Investment MD Mr Ken Sue.


Mr Ken Sue a self proclaimed "veteran of private banking" highlights important factors in acquiring and finding a job and also shares his experience in the world of private banking. Along with Bevis Lo an alumni of Island School and Chao Wang, Mr Ken Sue takes us on a 'journey' about factors to consider when looking for a career as well as  how to set a good foundation for the future. Mr Sue explains that if you don't know yourself then you won't know what career is the best for you. "You must look at many different factors, individual vs social, analytical vs non - analytical before you make a choice." Raising self-awareness of your strengths can decide your happiness in the work place, as most of your time will be spent in at work you should choose an environment where you will be driven to work. Mr Ken Sue also highlights the importance of a good foundation and says that even now your GCSE grades and IB choices will have an impact on your future. A good foundation and a unique flair will create an interesting CV that will end up in the 'yes pile'. Mr Sue also shares what private banking is composed of. "Trading, sales and research are core components of private banking." He shares that people that enter into the business of private banking fall into one of these three categories depending on what attributes the person has. Daily challenges, excitement, stress competitive environments and high compensation are some of the highs and lows of private banking. Finally Mr Ken Sue's parting lesson to the group is that we can still change. "You are in charge of your destiny, you make your own decisions.  

By Matthew KANG [10F]

Student article about Olympic Swimmer Hannah Wilson


Hannah Wilson is an Olympic swimmer who represented Hong Kong in several Olympic games (04, 08, 12). To begin with Hannah started individual swimming lessons when she was 3 years old, seeing it as nothing but fun. When she was 6 years old she started training in the senior teams that included kids up to 18 years old. Whilst swimming in the senior teams she saw it as an opportunity to be with friends, playing about and having dinner with friends after training at the LRC. Hannah had to learn how to balance her swimming with school, it wasn’t that difficult for her as she didn’t have any distractions at school, she didn’t have a mobile phone till she was 13 and a laptop till she was 18. Hannah Wilson was a good student at school, she wasn’t always a straight A student but she always tried her best in class. Hannah’s first national swimming event was her U10 tour to Taiwan, she didn’t take her swimming seriously at this point but managed to come back to Hong Kong with some hardware! Hannah then participated and represented Hong Kong in the Athens 2004 Olympic games, she was 15 during the tie of this event. Hannah didn’t enjoy her first olympic games as she didn’t have many friends on the team and felt lonely as all her teammates only spoke Chinese. During her events at the Olympic games she described her nerves as ‘going through the roof’ and having anxiety. It didn’t help that she swam her first Olympic race with her cap inside out as she had the wrong swimming cap! Hannah’s next appearance in the Olympic was at Beijing 2008, she had a great time at this Olympic games. She represented Hong Kong in the 100m fly event and 100m freestyle event. When Hannah graduated she started to take swimming seriously and took swimming as a job. Hannah’s final goal was to represent Hong Kong in the London 2012 Olympic Games. Hannah said that the London Olympic Games was the best experience so far, but not necessarily her best performance of all her Olympic events. Today Hannah Wilson is a swimming coach and teacher, she says its the most satisfying feeling watching her students development from beginning to end!

On behalf of all the students that attended, we would like to thank Hannah Wilson for coming to talk to us!

By Kaela-Mei Townson [10W]

2015  Nicola Myers & Kenneth McBride Memorial Awards Ceremony
Due to all of your generous support in ISPTA charity raffle ticket sales and sponsorship, the Nicola Myers & Kenneth McBride Memorial Awards was presented to 93 students, to help them further their education. Thank you all for your charitable contributions! 

2015 Nicola Myers & Kenneth McBride Memorial Awards Ceremony

Class 2015 Graduation Ceremony
The ISPTA congratulates the Class of 2015 on their Y13 Graduation !

Class 2015 Graduation

Spring Fair 2015 Slideshow

Spring Fair 2015.04.17

Spring Fair 2014 Slideshow

Winter Fair 2014.12.06

Photos from the AGM held 24 September 2014.

Photos from the PTA Careers Fair Day

Careers Fair 2014.06.03

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Spring Cultural Fair Slideshow