Our goal as the Residence Hall Association, RHA, is to create a sense of community to the students living in the residence halls that we serve at Oregon State University.

We provide the students with ample opportunities to interact with the people around them through diverse
 programs and events. Through these events we are a conduit to fun, friends, and learning.

We hope the community we create will leave a lasting impression on our residences and 

facilitate friendships that will last a lifetime.


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Our Purpose:

The mission of the Residence Hall Association is to coordinate and sponsor activities relevant to the residence halls and to represent all the members living within them.

RHA is a venue for communication and representation between the residents and University Housing and Dinning Services, Student Affairs, Other Student Organizations, and several other offices at Oregon State University.

Mission Statement:

We, the members of the Oregon State University Residence Hall Association, will endeavor to foster academics, expand personal growth, and promote and encourage diversity among all the residence hall members. The student leaders will act as representatives of each resident to the University and to the community, will promote leadership and self responsibility, and will strive to maintain and ensure an open and just living environment.