24/7 Costs

Laptop deposit/user fee per year:
    1st child                $25
    2nd child              $15
    3rd child               $10

    Intentional laptop damages                                                                 Pay the entire cost of the damage                                                (repair/replacement)
    Accidental laptop damages not covered by AppleCare                   $75.00 minimum
    that require repair by OPS  (cracked screens, liquid spills, etc.)              

Missing Labels, luggage tags, etc.                                                       $1.00 reprinting fee  

    Missing/Damaged power cords (A/C adapters)                               $50.00 each
**You may consider using a permanent marker to write your laptop # on your powercord, in case the sticker would wear off.

    Lost/destroyed laptop case                                                                   $30.00

Remember that a new battery costs around $100, so try to remember the tips we've shared with you to make your battery last!