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New paper titled "Comprehensive DNA methylation study identifies novel progression - related and prognostic markers for cutaneous melanoma"  has been published by SYS-MEL partners in KUL, UCD and OncoMark in BMC Medicine. This study identified novel markers of melanoma tumour development and progression.

Paper titled " 
Modulation of apoptosis sensitivity through the interplay with autophagic and proteasomal degradation pathways" has been published by RCSI partners in Cell Death & Disease. It discusses the influence of autophagic and proteasomal activity on apoptosis susceptibility, which is now rapidly gaining more attention as a significant modulator of cell death signalling in the context of human health and disease, such as melanoma.

Paper titled "A systems biological analysis of apoptosome formation and apoptosis execution supports allosteric procaspase‑9 activation" has been published by RCSI partners in Journal of Biological Chemistry. It describes the findings regarding dogma that all initiator procaspases require homodimerization for activation during apoptosome formation.

Paper titled "Mass Spectrometry of Flame Figures" has been accepted by Acta Dermato-Venereologica in January 2015. It will be available and published in print soon.

Review article titled "Key regulators of apoptosis execution as biomarker candidates in melanoma" has been accepted by Molecular and Cellular Oncology in December 2014

Paper titled "Master Transcriptional Regulators in Cancer: Discovery via ReverseEngineering Approaches and Subsequent Validation" has been published in Cancer Research in May 2017